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Kazdel is a Terran country. It is a monarchy and the homeland of the Sarkaz that is located between Siracusa, Ursus, and Yan. Kazdel has been long considered to be a backwater country without much potential, at least since the aftermath of a civil war that ravaged it.

Kazdel plays a crucial role in the Main Theme of Arknights, in which one of Rhodes Island's objectives is to restore the nation and its peace.


The monarch of Kazdel, traditionally of the Sarkaz race, is customarily known as the "Sarkaz King," the ruler of all Sarkaz in Terra. Throughout history, the Sarkaz Kings and their people were feared and despised by the Terrans due to the race's natural tendencies of contacting Oripathy. For example, the adventurer-king Kollam, who could wield a giant black sword and summon azure flame dubbed "Wrathful Cerulean Flame," brought his wrath upon the land after his enemies broke his treaty and slew all the innocent Sarkaz.[1][2] Many of the Kings' history have been lost to wars while some are distorted as political propaganda.[1]

Kazdel has never truly united under a single banner, which proves to be its major weakness. The country constantly fell into series of wars that devastated the country from time to time. Espeically in the year 893, the war triggred a mass exodus known as the Western Migration in which the Sarkaz were forced to flee the country and settle elsewhere such as Gaul, Victoria, and later Columbia.[3] Other Terran great powers, namely Victoria and Laterano, take the advantage by involving themselves in the wars to keep Kazdel fragmented.[4][5]

The most recent civil war was a conflict centered around the usurpation of the reigning Sarkaz King Theresa by the Regent Theresis with the support of the Royal Court and the Military Commission. During the war, Theresis employed numerous Sarkaz mercenaries against Theresa's loyalists in Babel, resulting in a proliferation of Sarkaz mercenaries throughout the war.[6] Three years ago, in the year 1094, the civil war ended after the siege of Babel in autumn by the Military Commission and Theresa's assassination.[7][8] Theresis became the Regent of Kazdel in the aftermath and has since been trying to rebuild the country, which makes other nations wary of Kazdel.[5]

There is a prophecy among Kazdelian Sarkaz which states that the legendary "Lord of Fiend," who will inherit the powers of all previous Sarkaz Kings and is signified by a black crown, will destroy the world and become the enemy of humanities.[2][9] It is also prophesized that the Lord of Fiends will slay the last pure-blooded Wendigo.[10]




  • Military Commission: The head of the Kazdelian military that is known for its extreme militarism.[7] Currently, it is the major supporter of Theresis.
  • Royal Court: A court of Kazdelian nobilities who are represented by the different clans (or precisely, the sub-races) of Sarkaz.

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Born in Kazdel but aligned/affiliated with other countries/factions
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