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The hordes of the Khagan, i.e., the "Khaganate," is a Terran faction that has ceased to exist by the time of the Main Theme. It was a powerful nomadic empire of Nightzmoran Kurantas led by its namesake that once pillaged the entire Terra.


The origin of the Khagan could be traced back to a young warrior who accomplished his "Khaganquest," a coming-of-age tradition among some Nightzmoras, a thousand years ago. Starting from the steppes in eastern Ursus, the Khagan led his Kheshigs for a grand conquest across Terra. They toppled the Elder Pegasian rulers of Kazimierz, defeated the Hippogryphs of proto-Ursus leading to the uprising of the Ursus people, and destroyed numerous cities of Gaul and Leithania.[1] Along their ways, they struck terror onto the nations of Terra using their brutal tactics and the Nightzmora's illusory Arts, leaving an unforgettable memory among them until present days. The Khagan's worldwide pillage seems to have left a deep impact on the whole world, marking the dawn of a common era that "burned away the previous epoch." Indeed, the current dating system used on Terra even set it's beginning around the time of this string of conquest.

However, the Khagan's ambition did not stop at mere mortal kingdoms; he laid his eyes onto the untouched borders of the known world of Terra. The Khagan formed a military alliance with the king of Sargon and drove away the eldritch monsters together from the Foehn Hotlands of the south.[2] A decade later, he started his conquest onto the frigid Northland; but this time, he suddenly vanished and no one knew his whereabout.[3]

It is likely that the Nightzmora suffered severe losses against the Northland demons, for they will never again achieve the same height of glory. Still, some Kuranta who can trace their origin to this ancient bloodline still survive until present days, one of which is Tola - the so called "Last Kheshig".



The Kheshigs are the royal guards of the Khagan who acted as both his personal bodyguards and his military. Their numbers have dwindled over the years, however some of them still rose to prominence such as the famed Padishah of Reefsteep.[4]