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Kjerag is a country in the world of Arknights which borders Columbia, Kazimierz, and Victoria. It is a theocratic country based on the worship of the national goddess Kjeragandr who solely protects the nation from natural disasters. The nation is known for its strong religious influence with the Karlan Saintess acting as Kjerag's spiritual leader and political figurehead.[1] The Vine-Bear Court acts as the nation's highest authority while the Three House Parliament deals with secular issues.

The Kjeragians highly venerates Kjeragandr through various festivals and religious rituals. Especially during the annual Grand Festival, the day to commemmorate the apperance of the goddess, people will stop working just to pray and enjoy the festival. In the meantime, the three noble families of Kjerag will organize the Sacred Hunt where the Saintess will hunt down the legendary Karlan Ogres to chase away bad omens.[2]

Kjerag is nicknamed "the Snow Realm" due to its rugged, snowbound mountainous landscape that protects Kjerag from Catastrophes and foreign invasions. Its geographical features allow its inhabitants to live in sedentary settlements.


A bird's eye-view of the mountain basin of Kjerag.

A few thousand years ago, Kjerag was founded by the eponymous goddess who led her people to settle in the rugged mountains. For the next three hundred years, Kjeragandr would rule the nation as its monarch until she decided to ascend into the heavens. Before her departure, she appointed the three greatest noble families to be the nation's leader that would become the members of the Three House Parliament.[3] Until present days, the nation is divided into three regions ruled by each of the noble families of the Parliament, and each represents a symbol in the Kjeragian faith:[4][5]

  • The Silverashes in the south, representing the bones of Kjeragians, who control the nation's industry and mining activities on their mountains. Through their Karlan Commercial, the Silverashes acts as the nation's only gateway to the outside world.
  • The Browntails in the west, representing the hair of Kjeragians. The region has a moderate resources thanks to its abundant forests and they are profited from K.C.'s trading. They are know to be quite egoistic who only think about their own profits depite some of their members wish to reform the country.
  • The Paleroches in the north, representing the flesh of Kjeragians, who occupy most of the nation's fertile territory, vast lakes, and half of its population. The family is considered to be the most religious and conservative of all. They also control much of Kjerag's military.

Above the Parliament are the elders of the Vine-Bear Court, the nation's religious leader led by the Grand Elder. They control Mount Karlan, Kjerag's most sacred mountain, and execute orders in the name of Kjeragandr while maintaining the traditions of the Kjeragian religion.

The Paleroches, the Browntails, and the Silverashes in the Three House Parliament.

However, no one in Kjerag is higher than the Karlan Saintess, the representative of Kjeragandr. According to a legend, the Karlan Saintess was meant to pacify the angered Kjeragandr when the people accidentally offended her and a hash winter arrived as a punishement. For a few hundred years, the woman who was chosen to become the Saintess would go up to Mount Karlan to meditate and die there. Eventually, a conflict against the Court broke out when a particular family of the Saintess was enough of this furtile ceremony which detroyed much of the buildings and ancient records of the Court. In order to end the conflict, Kjeragandr finally woke up, answered the Saintess' prayer, and performed a miracle to her people. Since then, the Kjeragians continue to carry on the tradition of the Karlan Saintess, though later genarations have different interpretations on the incident due to the loss of the records.[2]

Due to its long period of peace, Kjerag was not particularly interested to the outside world and preferred to focus on its own affairs. However, as the geopolitcs around Kjerag becomes unstable, especially since the rise of Columbia and the fall of the Gallic Empire, reformation is inevitable. Tension had already built up between the reformist Silverashes, the two conservative families, and the elders of the Court. The matter became worse when the previous family head of the Silverashes died in a railway accident, causing the family to lose their status in the Parliament through several political schemes.[6] For the next few years, the Browntails, the Paleroches, and the Vine-Bear Court continued to rule the nation without the opinion from the Silverashes until Enciodes' return from Victoria and his foundation of Karlan Commerical seven years ago, which finally restored the family's status through their economic benefits to the other two families.

Despite Kjerag's mordernization, the Silverashes remained impatient with the slow progress. At the same time, the two families and the Court were wary of Enciodes' extreme methods that would destroy Kjerag's traditions and faith and pollute the Snow Realm. The complication of the matter led to the "Snow Realm Incident" that would change the nation forever, leading the nation to fully open itself to the world.

Side Stories

Break the Ice


The Side Story focuses on the Snow Realm incident in which Enciodes plotted to start a coup d'état to revolutionize the country through his political "show" with Gnosis while secretly sending private troops from Victoria into the nation. In the meantime, the Doctor, Aurora, and Sharp coincidentally arrived there out of Enciodes' invitation for a vacation. Even though the Rhodes Island trio tried their best not to be dragged into the local affair, everything is furtile when the Paleroches had the Doctor under custody. The matter became worse when Enciodes secretly poisoned the Grand Elder during the Grand Festival and redirected the blame onto the other two families, leading the commonfolks to fully support him to take down the other two. With the Doctor's help, the Browntails and the Paleroches dared to rebel against the Silverashes and planned to rescue Enya the Karlan Saintess. A civil war almost broke out had not Enya came down to pacify the people with the miracle performed by Kjeragandr. The incident evenyually concluded with a peaceful ending in which the families agreed to make the Karlan Saintess as the nation's de facto head of state as planned by Enciodes. Meanwhile, they also agreed to make the Silverashes the representative of the nation, and a new era of Kjerag's mordernization has just begun.


Karlan Commercial


  • Three House Parliament: The annual meeting of the Silverashes, the Browntails, and the Paleroches in which they decide the nation's secluar issues. Since the downfall of the Silverashes, the Parliament had been hijacked by the other two families until Enciodes managed to restore the family's status after his return. The Paliament is viewed as the nation's nominal leader until the return of Kjerag's political power back to the Karlan Saintess under Enciodes' suggestion.[3]
  • Vine-Bear Court: The religious leader of Kjerag in Mount Karlan led by the Grand Elder who is responsible for the election of the nation's saintess. Upon the decease of their saintess, the candidates have to go through series of harsh trials, such as walking along the rugged road to the sacred shrine on the mountaintop of Mount Karlan.[1] They are considered to be the most conservative of all who stubbornly refuses changes in the nation. The faith of the Karlan Saintess is said to be made up by the Court to spread the religion in order to unite the people.[7]



The following Operator was born in Kjerag but is affiliated with other faction:




  • Mount Karlan: The sacred mountain of Kjerag and the headquarters of the Vine-Bear Court. It is located between the territories of the Silverashes and the Paleroches. The mountain is said to be the home of Kjeragandr.
  • Jungfrau: A mountain named by the thrid Karlan Saintess. It is said to be made of the tears of Kejragandr. Hiking onto this mountain is forbidden without the permission from the Paleroches.[8]
  • Matterhorn: the tallest mountain in Kjerag where Matterhorn gets his name.[8]


  • Turikum: The center of the Silverashes' territory and Kjerag's only industrial city. It acts as Kjerag's only gateway to the outside world with the trading done by Karlan Commercial.

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