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Lee's Detective Agency is an organization in Arknights. It is an odd jobs business in guise of a private investigation firm based in Lungmen that is run by the namesake Mr. Lee and his personal, close-knit "family."


Although on the outside, the Agency only accepts requests for detectives, but on the other hand, they are also willing to accept numerous tasks their client requests. Through Mr. Lee's familiarity with the underground world of Lungmen's slum, the Agency has been wandering around numerous gray zones to accomplish their missions.[1] Thanks to Mr. Lee's friendship with Wei Yenwu and the Rat King, they are able to slip off from the eyes of the L.G.D. just like Penguin Logistics even though they are often involved in many gray zones like gang fights.

As Mr. Lee's "familiy," he is acting as a guardian for Waai Fu, the daughter of his close friend Tianpei after his departure for a solo journey. While he takes care of her as her step-uncle, he also has been trying to search for her father with the aid from his another close friend in Shangshu, Magistrate Liang Xun.[2] Meanwhile, he took in Hung and Aak after a gang fight and has since treated them as his "children."[1]

The Agency's building has a rather funny origin. When Mr. Lee received his first client, the owner of a renovation company, his mission was to detemine the feng shui of his office. Seeing that the man did not have any business due to the lack of old buildings nearby, he declared that the office's feng shui was truly bad. While Mr. Lee suggested his client to move away within three days, he also requested him to have the place rented with just half of its original rental.[3]



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