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Arknights Derivative Miniseries -Lee's Detective Agency- Official Trailer

Lee's Detective Agency: A Day in Lungmen is an original video animation (OVA) series of Arknights made by GRAVITY WELL, Hypergryph's in-house animation studio. It is a mini series focusing on the daily lives of the Lee's Detective Agency and how they resolve their client's request.

The animation was first announced in the CN server's 3rd anniversary livestream with the Global server following suit a month after its release.

Home Service OVA


-Arknights- 《Lee's Detective Agency》 Animation

Prior to its announcement, there is a pilot episode for A Day in Lungmen titled "Home Service" produced by HMCH Animation Studio (寒木春华动画), the studio known for producing The Legend of Hei and All Saints Street webtoon series, to commemorate the 2.5 anniversary of the CN server. It is a short comedian action show featuring Aak and his fellows having a wacky fight against a gangster group while trying to retrieve a medical sample.

The Mandarin version also features Hai Mao appearing as a cameo for the dubbing of street gangsters.


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