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-Arknights- 《Lee's Detective Agency》 Animation

Lee's Detective Agency: Home Service is a short original video animation (OVA) of Arknights made by HMCH Animation Studio (寒木春华动画) to commemorate the 2.5 anniversary of the CN server. It is a short comedian action animimation featuring members of Lee's Detective Agency. The show has also been suggested to be a teaser for a future omake series.

The studio is well-known for being the producer of The Legend of Hei and All Saints Street webtoon series. At the same time, Hai Mao appears as a cameo for the dubbing.

The OVA has both Mandarin and Japanese dubbed versions with the latter using the CVs of the already existing characters.


Aak, Hung and Waai Fu were on a mission in a hotel in order to retrieve some mysterious samples from street gangsters. Aak and Waai Fu disguised themselves as janitors while Hung went to have a negotiation with them. After the negotiation failed, the three had a Hong-Kong movie styled actions against the mobsters. While Hung and Waai Fu were stuck inside a vase and had a funny fall in the emergency stairway, Aak had already got the samples and left the building without a trace.

After their mission, the three returned back to their base. Hung and Waai Fu were so tired that they fell asleep. While Aak was watching the night scene of Lungmen on the rooftop, Mr. Lee appeared and gave him a coffee as a "home service" for him.