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Leithania,[note 1] formally referred to as the Kingdom of Leithania, is a Terran country located between Kazimierz, Siracusa, Victoria, and Ursus and is made up of numerous semi-independent nomadic cities. It is known for its academic studies on Originium Arts and the extensive use of Arts-based technologies, especially in musical Arts such as the L-44 "Gramophones."[1] Each Leithanien state is governed by a noble living inside a magical tower named the "Spire" who gives order to his subordinates such as Schultz who govern their towns and their Gendarmeries who act as their law enforcement agency. The monarchs of Leithania were previously determined by its Prince-Electors, but the political environment has changed drastically following the reign of the evil Witch King whose shadow still casts onto the nation.

Leithania's aristocrats are known for their arrogance and abuse of power. They could even levy every law enforcement personnel from several settlements just to provide security for a wedding party.[2] These nobles are very proud of their bloodlines and, often times, they could conduct conspiracies against each others.[3] They also divide into numerous factions struggling for power, especially the Witch King's loyalists.

Despite being a nation of Originium Arts, Infected Leithaniens are mandated to be quarantined from the non-Infected populace.[4] There is also a "sterilization" policy in which any Infected whose Oripathy reaches or exceeds a certain level must be euthanized.[5] Otherwise, Leithania's treatment onto the Infected has at least improved compared to the old days when they were simply treated as mere "tributes" to the Prince-Electors who used them as test subjects for their Arts, though not reaching the same level with other nations such as Columbia.[6]

The Leithanien language is identical to the German language in our world. However, both have distinct grammars and accents, even though both are mutually intelligible enough with each other.[7]


For more than a century, Leithania was ruled by the Witch King who was notorious for his unimaginable Arts experimentations in his Spire with red crystals around the country and was feared by the Leithaniens as a tyrannical overlord.[8] His reign of terror brought misery and chaos to the Leithaniens whom were treated as nothing more than his "lab rats." He even turned the emissaries of Gaul within his nation into horrible statues when the latter tried to make Leithania into its vassal state, leading to the Gallo-Leithanien War that would eventually became the Battle of the Four Emperors where he allied with Victoria and Ursus to annihilate the Gaulish Empire.[9]

The Twin Empresses, the heroines who put an end to the Witch King's reign of terror

However, his reign of terror would eventually led to an uprising that would became his downfall. Around twenty years ago, under the support of the Prince-Electors, the heroic Twin Empresses slew the Witch King and succeeded his position the whose rule brought temporary peace and order back to Leithania.[10] Even though the age of the Witch King is already over, the common folks could never forget his horrors and dare not challenge the current rulers and the aggressive aristocrats.

Indeed, a group of Casters in rural Leithania, who were once the King's attendants, remain loyal to the Witch King long after his passing and carry out his dark legacies. These loyalists use all their means to underestimate the Empresses' legitimacy by conducting inhumane experiments such as using Infected as "test subjects," searching for any of his remaining bloodline, or even attempt to find ways to "resurrect" him.[11][12] Today, the King's loyalists remain the greatest threat to the kingdom, forcing the current regime to install a somewhat authoritarian rule to supervise any of their movement.



  • Prince-Electors of Leithania: An electoral college that determines the monarch of Leithania. However, during the reign of the Witch King, the government has turned into his puppet until they chose the Twin Empresses and aided them in their uprising against him.[9]

Notable people

  • The Witch King
  • Thorwald: Severin's son and Tatjana's lover. He resented the abusive Leithanien aristocrats and tried to get their "attention" by tricking Biederman to murder Atro. He faked his death alongside Biederman on the incident, but later reappeared in an attempt to assassinate a Leithanien noble. By the end of the insurgency, he had escaped to the Winterwisp Mountains and commit suicide to avoid capture.[13]


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Witch King loyalists

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  • Wolumonde
  • Wieserheim
  • Utica: The Leithanien district where the Witch King was born. Following his "death," the district was handed to his distant relatives, but it has since turned into a backwater region due to the despise by the Empresses' supporters.


  • Winterwisp Mountains: The mountain range in northern Leithania that borders Wolumonde. It is named after the "Winterwisps" who inhabit there.


  1. Sometimes incorrectly referred to in-game by the demonym Leithanien instead.