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Life Point (LP) is a numeric value in Arknights which determines how many enemies can pass through a Protection Objective in any given operation.


Whenever an enemy enters a Protection Objective, 1 Life Point will be deducted; most bosses and the Theater Golem will instead deduct 2 LP.

There are several additional LP deduction scenarios:

  • A Command Terminal will cause the player to lose 1 LP when it is destroyed.
  • When an allied unit is defeated/destroyed, the player will lose 1 or 2 LP depending on the ally in question.
  • In SV-9 and SV-EX-8, if the boss, Sal Viento Bishop Quintus, is not defeated in 200–250 seconds after it enters the third phase, it will use "Species Outbreak" that causes the player to lose 100 LP.
  • In Need No More, if the boss, Big Sad Lock, is not defeated in 8 minutes, it will self-destruct and causes the player to lose 30 LP.
  • In IW-8 and IW-EX-8, if the boss, Sui-Xiang, is not defeated in 9 minutes (which will be extended by a minute upon entering the third phase), He will release a golden shockwave that causes the player to lose 999 LP.

There are three exceptions to LP deduction:

Any Life Point loss will prevent the player from clearing the operation with 3 stars; in Contingency Contract and Multivariate Cooperation operations, LP losses will not affect the final outcome, so the player(s) could let one or two enemies leak through if it would not compromise the operation.

Should the Life Points reach 0, the operation will end in a mission failure, thus the player must prevent too many enemies from "leaking" past their Operators at all costs.

In earlier operations, the player starts with a generous amount of Life Points in each operation. As the operations progress, however, the amount of LP is steadily reduced to 3 or even 2, making Arknights much less forgiving about leaks when compared to other tower defense games. Playing an operation's Challenge Mode will reduce the LP to 1; thus, any leak will result in a mission failure. The same can be achieved in C.C. operations by using the Objective: Last Line of Defense contract.

In Multivariate Cooperation operations, the LP count is shared between both players.

Integrated Strategies

In Integrated Strategies, Life Points also act as the player's lives; should the LP reaches 0, the run ends in a failure. There are no penaties for losing LP in (Emergency) Operations and Dreadful Foes, but clearing them without losing LP yield bonuses such as chance for receiving a Collectible and guaranteed Rec. Voucher of certain classes.

The player must be especially careful against I.S.-exclusive bosses (except the Lost Colossus), as they will deduct 3, 5, or even 30 LP!

Choosing Leader Squad and having certain Collectibles will give the player bonus LP in (Emergency) Operations/Dreadful Foes that will be consumed before the player's own LP.


  • Before the A Walk in the Dust update on the Global server, Life Points were officially named (Map/Objective) HP Seals. The change is likely to avoid confusion with HP (Health/Hit Point).