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Treated as a flying unit, unable to move, attack, and use skills; The duration on units with a weight above 3 is halved.
—In-game tip (unofficial translation)

Lift, also known as Levitate, is a debuff in Arknights.


Only enemy units that can be lifted. In this state, the enemy will be treated as a flying unit like that of drones and unable to act as if they are stunned. This also have the side effect of making the enemy unaffected by terrain hazards such as Heated Paths and can only be attacked by ranged units.

Enemies whose weight are 4 or higher will only be lifted for half as long.


Operator Source Range/Target Duration
Rising Wind
Attack when charged 1 second
Parting Tides
Up to 4 ~ 6 ground enemies whose weight is 3 or below
1 ~ 4 second(s)
Ground enemies
2 ~ 4 seconds