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This article pertains to a subject that is not yet released in the Global server of Arknights.

Londinium is the capital of Victoria. It is the setting of Episode 10.


Londinium is one of the largest cities in Victoria and the seat of power for the Victorian Kings.

The Industrial Revolution that brought about modern-day Terra left much of its mark upon the city, notably the extensive underground substructure - construction of times past that are simply built on top as the city grew. Massive loading ports, presumably for servicing great transport land ships and extensive train networks are indicative of the busy economic activities in the city. The city is heavily defended from external forces by its massive walls and huge cannons. In the city's heart stood The Shard - the towering monument to the city's prosperity.

At the time of Episode 10, Londinium is under occupation by the Sarkaz forces of the Kazdel Military Commission, led by the Kazdel Regent Theresis. His forces has been attempting to quell any resistance in the city. However, the city's complex substructure provides many hideouts and escape routes for the resistance forces who continue to elude his brutal subjugation.



  • The Shard: A 300-story-tall spire that stands tall over Londinium, currently occupied and used as Theresis' royal palace and headquarters of the Kazdel Military Commission.
  • Western Abbey: A royal building acting as the meeting place.


  • Central District
  • Sydenham District


  • Londinium is obviously Terra's version of London. The name itself is derived from its Latin name during the Roman period.
    • Many districts are also based on real-life districts, such as Sydenham.
  • The Shard is based on the eponymous tower in London, which is the tallest building in U.K.