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The Magnificent Mushroom is a currency in the Integrated Strategies game mode of Arknights.


These psychadelic-looking mushrooms exuding brilliant colors can enhance the performance of the Limbic System.

Allows you to blur the boundary between fact and fiction, seeing things that you could not see before. Of course, this is the culprit behind your adventures.


These colorful mushrooms growing in the Acahuallan rainforests turned out to be "magic mushrooms" or "shrooms" (as Gavial had warned[1]), which is the reason why Ceobe went missing most of the time during Gavial the Great Chief Returns and the source of the numerous hallucinations experienced by Ceobe after the Perro ate them, acting as the basis of Ceobe's Fungimist.

Magnificent Mushrooms are used during the Ceobe's Fungimist event to unlock additional bonuses from the Limbic System. Refer to the Ceobe's Fungimist article for more information about the Limbic System.

In Phantom & Crimson Solitaire, Magnificent Mushroom is replaced by , which are otherwise identical.


Magnificent Mushrooms are awarded at the end of an Integrated Strategies run during the Ceobe's Fungimist event alongside Delicious Honey Biscuit.png Delicious Honey Biscuit regardless of the outcome, with the amount being 10% of the player's final score in the run.

Joyous Wandering runs are worth only half Magnificent Mushrooms, while Treacherous Road runs are worth 20% more.