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Mama John's Voucher is an event currency in Arknights.


Vouchers redeemable at all Mama John's in Dossoles.

Mama John's of Columbia has been offering industrial assembly-line products for all trades, all walks and all rhythms of life in a capacity Bolívar's native industry can't compare to, to the extent that all these vouchers, originally simply issued to promote sales, have become more and more truly valuable. At times, they even serve as the currency for dealings between local small-time gangs.


Issued by the Columbia-based Mama John's during the Dossoles Warrior Championship, these vouchers can be obtained and exchanged for various items at Mama John's during the Dossoles Holiday event.


Mama John's Vouchers are awarded by exchanging Stickers obtained in DH operations. For more information about the exchange rates, see the Stickers article.