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Medic is one of the eight Operator classes in Arknights.


Instead of attacking enemies, Medics restore the HP of friendly units, making their use indispensable to keeping friendlies on the field and gives them more time to hold the line. Medics restore HP equal to their ATK.

Because all Medics but Incantation ones are incapable of attacking enemies and have low HP and DEF, Medics should be kept safe from ranged enemies, who can and will attack them.


The Medic class is divided into five branches: Medic[sic], Multi-target, Therapist, Wandering, and Incantation.


Medic Medic.png
Restores the HP of allies.

Medic Medics[sic] (the Arknights Wiki will use "Medical Medics" when referring to the branch to avoid redundancy) (Chinese: 医师; Pinyin: Yīshī; lit. "Physician/Doctor [Medic]"), formerly known as ST (Single-Target) Medics, heal one target at a time.

Medical Medics' raw healing output is usually superior to that of other Medics.


Multi-target Medic.png
Restores the HP of 3 allies simultaneously.

Multi-target Medics (Chinese: 群愈师; Pinyin: Qún yù shī; lit. "Group/Mass-healing [Medic]"), known in the CN server as Ringhealing/Ringhealer Medics and formerly known as AoE (Area-of-Effect) Medics, heal up to three targets simultaneously within an adjusted range that may make them easier or harder to be positioned depending on the operation's layout.

Multi-target Medics' individual healing output on any given target is inferior to that of Medical Medics, though their total healing is higher when healing multiple Operators as intended.


Therapist Medic.png
Has a large healing range, but the healing amount on farther targets is reduced to 80%.

Therapist Medics (Chinese: 疗养师; Pinyin: Liáoyǎng shī), formerly known as Wide-Range Medics, have some RES and a wider healing range at the expense of below average ATK that is reduced to 80% when healing further targets and having the highest DP cost of all Medics.

While trickier to use than Medical Medics, Therapist Medics can be useful in certain situations due to their healing range and affinity of applying the Status Resistance buff when healing friendlies.


Wandering Medic.png
Restores the HP of allied units and recovers Elemental Damage by 50% of ATK (can recover Elemental Damage of unhurt allied units).

Wandering Medics (Chinese: 行医; Pinyin: Xíngyī; lit. "Practician [Medic]") are similar to Medical Medics, but are capable of removing Elemental Damage build-ups suffered by friendlies when healing friendlies, even if the target's HP is full, and has a wider healing range (though not to the same degree as Therapist Medics).


Incantation Medic.png
Attacks deal Arts damage; When attacking an enemy, heals an allied Operator within range equal to 50% of the damage dealt.

Incantation Medics (Chinese: 咒愈师; Pinyin: Zhòu yù shī; lit. "Enchanter [Medic]") are similar to Medical Medics, but notably capable of attacking enemies which they will do instead of healing friendlies. When Incantation Medics attack enemies, however, they will heal a friendly unit within their attack range as well, but for only half the ATK.