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The Obsidian Festival Token is an event currency in Arknights.


Official token for the Obsidian Festival raffle event. Can be used to draw rewards.

The demand from Obsidian Festival participants is so exceedingly high that they have yet to be met even after repeated reward restocking. Unfortunately, stopping the raffle at this time would mean triggering a riot, so the hosts have to keep the raffle going.


These tokens are used during the Heart of Surging Flame event for using Capsule Machines, with each use costing 20 Obsidian Festival Token.png (40 Obsidian Festival Token.png for infinite Capsule Machines; not available in reruns).


Obsidian Festival Tokens are awarded by clearing Fairground operations using Obsidian Festival Ticket.png Obsidian Festival Ticket and Extra Show operations for the first time, and completing Daily Missions and Siesta Obsidian.png Siesta Obsidian milestone (except during reruns).