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A list of 1-star (1★) Operators. They represent robots under the service of Rhodes Island and their allies/associates; notably, all of them are originally built by Raythean and modified by Closure with a self-aware artificial intelligence (A.I.) as well as additional functions.

1★ Operators can be distinguished by the following:

  • They have a maximum level of 30.
  • They have no skills.
  • They have one talent which is available at Level 30 and upgraded as their potential improves. The talent always activates when the Operator is deployed.
  • They are not counted towards the Unit Limit.
  • They have a redeployment cooldown of 200 seconds.

All 1★ Operators notably share the "Robot" recruitment tag.

Operator Name Class Faction Global?
Castle-3 icon.png
Castle-3 Guard.png Rhodes Island.png Tick.png
Justice Knight icon.png
Justice Knight Sniper.png Pinus Sylvestris.png Tick.png
Lancet-2 icon.png
Lancet-2 Medic.png Rhodes Island.png Tick.png
THRM-EX icon.png
THRM-EX Specialist.png Rhodes Island.png Tick.png