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A list of 4-star (4★) Operators. They represent regular combatants of Rhodes Island's paramilitary; interestingly, most came from civilian backgrounds (e.g. Mousse) or lacking prior battlefield experience whatsoever.

4★ Operators can be distinguished by the following:

  • They can be promoted to Elite 1 and 2.
    • Elite 1 promotions cost 15000 LMD icon.png, 3 Chips of the corresponding class, and a low amount of Tier 2 upgrade materials.
    • Elite 2 promotions cost 60000 LMD icon.png, 5 Chip Packs of the corresponding class, and a high amount of Tier 3 upgrade materials. Only 4★ Operators don't require Dualchips to be promoted to Elite 2.
  • They have a maximum level of 45 before promotions, 60 at Elite 1, and 70 at Elite 2 (for a total of 175 levels).
  • They have two skills with the first initially available and the second being available when promoted to Elite 1.
  • They have one talent.
    • The talent usually becomes available when the Operator is promoted to Elite 1 and upgrades when the Operator is promoted to Elite 2.
    • Some Operators have the talent initially available and upgraded when the Operator is promoted to Elite 1 and Elite 2.
    • Several Operators have their talent available only when promoted to Elite 2.
Operator Name Class Faction Global?
Aciddrop icon.png
Aciddrop Sniper.png Columbia.png Tick.png
Ambriel icon.png
Ambriel Sniper.png Laterano.png Tick.png
Arene icon.png
Arene Guard.png Laterano.png Tick.png
Beanstalk icon.png
Beanstalk Vanguard.png Columbia.png Tick.png
Beehunter icon.png
Beehunter Guard.png Ursus.png Tick.png
Bubble icon.png
Bubble Defender.png Sargon.png Tick.png
Chestnut icon.png
Chestnut Medic.png Rhodes Island.png Cross.png
Click icon.png
Click Caster.png Rhodes Island.png Tick.png
Conviction icon.png
Conviction Guard.png Minos.png Tick.png
Courier icon.png
Courier Vanguard.png Karlan Trade.png Tick.png
Cuora icon.png
Cuora Defender.png Columbia.png Tick.png
Cutter icon.png
Cutter Guard.png Columbia.png Tick.png
Deepcolor icon.png
Deepcolor Supporter.png Aegir.png Tick.png
Dobermann icon.png
Dobermann Guard.png Rhodes Island.png Tick.png
Dur-nar icon.png
Dur-nar Defender.png Rhodes Island.png Tick.png
Earthspirit icon.png
Earthspirit Supporter.png Leithania.png Tick.png
Estelle icon.png
Estelle Guard.png Sargon.png Tick.png
Ethan icon.png
Ethan Specialist.png Rhodes Island.png Tick.png
Frostleaf icon.png
Frostleaf Guard.png Rhodes Island.png Tick.png
Gavial icon.png
Gavial Medic.png Rhodes Island.png Tick.png
Gitano icon.png
Gitano Caster.png Sami.png Tick.png
Gravel icon.png
Gravel Specialist.png Kazimierz.png Tick.png
Greyy icon.png
Greyy Caster.png Bolívar.png Tick.png
Gummy icon.png
Gummy Defender.png Ursus Student Self-Governing Group.png Tick.png
Haze icon.png
Haze Caster.png Victoria.png Tick.png
Indigo icon.png
Indigo Caster.png Iberia.png Tick.png
Jackie icon.png
Jackie Guard.png Columbia.png Tick.png
Jaye icon.png
Jaye Specialist.png Lungmen.png Tick.png
Jessica icon.png
Jessica Sniper.png Blacksteel.png Tick.png
Matoimaru icon.png
Matoimaru Guard.png Higashi.png Tick.png
Matterhorn icon.png
Matterhorn Defender.png Karlan Trade.png Tick.png
May icon.png
May Sniper.png Victoria.png Tick.png
Meteor icon.png
Meteor Sniper.png Kazimierz.png Tick.png
Mousse icon.png
Mousse Guard.png Victoria.png Tick.png
Myrrh icon.png
Myrrh Medic.png Rhodes Island.png Tick.png
Myrtle icon.png
Myrtle Vanguard.png Rhodes Island.png Tick.png
Perfumer icon.png
Perfumer Medic.png Rhodes Island.png Tick.png
Pinecone icon.png
Pinecone Sniper.png Columbia.png Tick.png
Podenco icon.png
Podenco Supporter.png Rhodes Island.png Tick.png
Pudding icon.png
Pudding Caster.png Columbia.png Tick.png
Purestream icon.png
Purestream Medic.png Yan.png Tick.png
Roberta icon.png
Roberta Supporter.png Columbia.png Tick.png
Rope icon.png
Rope Specialist.png Lungmen.png Tick.png
Scavenger icon.png
Scavenger Vanguard.png S.W.E.E.P..png Tick.png
Shaw icon.png
Shaw Specialist.png Lungmen.png Tick.png
Shirayuki icon.png
Shirayuki Sniper.png Higashi.png Tick.png
Sussurro icon.png
Sussurro Medic.png Rhodes Island.png Tick.png
Utage icon.png
Utage Guard.png Higashi.png Tick.png
Vermeil icon.png
Vermeil Sniper.png Siracusa.png Tick.png
Vigna icon.png
Vigna Vanguard.png Columbia.png Tick.png