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A list of 6-star (6★) Operators. They represent distinguished, high-profile personnel of Rhodes Island and their allies/associates which includes elites, heroes, and even leaders of certain factions (notably SilverAsh and Siege).

6★ Operators can be distinguished by the following:

  • They can be promoted to Elite 1 and 2.
    • Elite 1 promotions cost 30000 LMD icon.png, 5 Chips of the corresponding class, and many Tier 2 upgrade materials.
    • Elite 2 promotions cost 180000 LMD icon.png, 4 Dualchips of the corresponding class, and some Tier 4 and 5 upgrade materials.
  • They have a maximum level of 50 before promotions, 80 at Elite 1, and 90 at Elite 2 (for a total of 220 levels).
  • They have three skills with the first initially available, the second being available when promoted to Elite 1, and the third being available when promoted to Elite 2.
  • They have two talents with varying availabilities depending on the Operator.
    • Most have their first talent available at Elite 1 and upgraded when promoted to Elite 2, but some have their first talent initially available and upgraded when promoted to Elite 1 and 2.
    • The second talent is always available when promoted to Elite 2.

All 6★ Operators available in recruitment can only be obtained through, and are guaranteed by the rare "Top Operator" tag.

Operator Name Class Faction Global?
Aak icon.png
Aak Specialist.png Lee's Detective Agency.png Tick.png
Angelina icon.png
Angelina Supporter.png Siracusa.png Tick.png
Archetto icon.png
Archetto Sniper.png Laterano.png Tick.png
Ash icon.png
Ash Sniper.png Team Rainbow.png Tick.png
Bagpipe icon.png
Bagpipe Vanguard.png Victoria.png Tick.png
Blaze icon.png
Blaze Guard.png Elite Op.png Tick.png
Blemishine icon.png
Blemishine Defender.png Kazimierz.png Tick.png
Carnelian icon.png
Carnelian Caster.png Leithania.png Tick.png
Ceobe icon.png
Ceobe Caster.png Rhodes Island.png Tick.png
Ch'en icon.png
Ch'en Guard.png Lungmen Guard Department.png Tick.png
Ch'en the Holungday icon.png
Ch'en the Holungday Sniper.png Rhodes Island.png Tick.png
Dorothy icon.png
Dorothy Specialist.png Rhine Lab.png Cross.png
Dusk icon.png
Dusk Caster.png Sui.png Tick.png
Ebenholz icon.png
Ebenholz Caster.png Leithania.png Cross.png
Eunectes icon.png
Eunectes Defender.png Sargon.png Tick.png
Exusiai icon.png
Exusiai Sniper.png Penguin Logistics.png Tick.png
Eyjafjalla icon.png
Eyjafjalla Caster.png Leithania.png Tick.png
Fartooth icon.png
Fartooth Sniper.png Pinus Sylvestris.png Tick.png
Fiammetta icon.png
Fiammetta Sniper.png Laterano.png Cross.png
Flametail icon.png
Flametail Vanguard.png Pinus Sylvestris.png Tick.png
Gladiia icon.png
Gladiia Specialist.png Abyssal Hunters.png Tick.png
Gnosis icon.png
Gnosis Supporter.png Karlan Trade.png Tick.png
Goldenglow icon.png
Goldenglow Caster.png Victoria.png Cross.png
Hellagur icon.png
Hellagur Guard.png Ursus.png Tick.png
Horn icon.png
Horn Defender.png Victoria.png Cross.png
Hoshiguma icon.png
Hoshiguma Defender.png Lungmen Guard Department.png Tick.png
Ifrit icon.png
Ifrit Caster.png Rhine Lab.png Tick.png
Irene icon.png
Irene Guard.png Iberia.png Cross.png
Kal'tsit icon.png
Kal'tsit Medic.png Rhodes Island.png Tick.png
Lee icon.png
Lee Specialist.png Lee's Detective Agency.png Tick.png
Ling icon.png
Ling Supporter.png Sui.png Tick.png
Lumen icon.png
Lumen Medic.png Iberia.png Cross.png
Magallan icon.png
Magallan Supporter.png Rhine Lab.png Tick.png
Mizuki icon.png
Mizuki Specialist.png Higashi.png Tick.png
Mostima icon.png
Mostima Caster.png Laterano.png Tick.png
Mountain icon.png
Mountain Guard.png Columbia.png Tick.png
Mudrock icon.png
Mudrock Defender.png Rhodes Island.png Tick.png
Nearl the Radiant Knight icon.png
Nearl the Radiant Knight Guard.png Kazimierz.png Tick.png
Nian icon.png
Nian Defender.png Sui.png Tick.png
Nightingale icon.png
Nightingale Medic.png Followers.png Tick.png
Pallas icon.png
Pallas Guard.png Minos.png Tick.png
Passenger icon.png
Passenger Caster.png Sargon.png Tick.png
Phantom icon.png
Phantom Specialist.png Victoria.png Tick.png
Rosa icon.png
Rosa Sniper.png Ursus Student Self-Governing Group.png Tick.png
Rosmontis icon.png
Rosmontis Sniper.png Elite Op.png Tick.png
Saga icon.png
Saga Vanguard.png Higashi.png Tick.png
Saileach icon.png
Saileach Vanguard.png Victoria.png Tick.png
Saria icon.png
Saria Defender.png Rhine Lab.png Tick.png
Schwarz icon.png
Schwarz Sniper.png Siesta.png Tick.png
Shining icon.png
Shining Medic.png Followers.png Tick.png
Siege icon.png
Siege Vanguard.png Glasgow.png Tick.png
SilverAsh icon.png
SilverAsh Guard.png Karlan Trade.png Tick.png
Skadi icon.png
Skadi Guard.png Abyssal Hunters.png Tick.png
Skadi the Corrupting Heart icon.png
Skadi the Corrupting Heart Supporter.png Aegir.png Tick.png
Specter the Unchained icon.png
Specter the Unchained Specialist.png Abyssal Hunters.png Cross.png
Surtr icon.png
Surtr Guard.png Rhodes Island.png Tick.png
Suzuran icon.png
Suzuran Supporter.png Siracusa.png Tick.png
Thorns icon.png
Thorns Guard.png Iberia.png Tick.png
W icon.png
W Sniper.png Babel.png Tick.png
Weedy icon.png
Weedy Specialist.png Rhodes Island.png Tick.png