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Operator Modules, or simply Modules, are a feature in Arknights, introduced alongside class branches in Dossoles Holiday.

Only available for 4★ and above Operators, Modules are a special item that acts as an "equipment" which provides a slight but welcome improvement to their stats and enhances their trait when equipped, often altering the corresponding Operator's role altogether and making them more useful in most situations. All Modules (except the default Badges) are unique to each Operator and cannot be equipped by the others, even those in the same class, branch, or rarity.

Modules are initially not available and must be unlocked by using Module Data Block.png Module Data Block, upgrade materials, and LMD.png LMD once the player completes certain tasks termed Module Missions and by raising the corresponding Operator's promotion, level, and Trust to a specific threshold.


The following is a list of class branches with available Modules including their effects and which Operators have them as of May 1, 2022.

Branch Module Description
Chain Caster.png CHA-X module.png
Reduces the damage loss in each jump to 10% and increases the slow duration of each hit to 0.8 seconds (the same as Decel Binder Supporters).
Introduced inNear Light
CHA-Y module.png
Removes the damage loss in each jump.
Introduced inNear Light
Splash Caster.png SPC-X module.png
Extends the Splash Caster's attack range to 3×3 tiles with a 1-tile extension up front.
Introduced in[CN] Guiding Ahead
SPC-Y module.png
Reduces the Splash Caster's DP cost by 8.
Introduced in[CN] Guiding Ahead

Branch Module Description
Duelist Defender.png HES-X module.png
The Duelist Defender generates 0.2 SP every second when not blocking enemies.
Introduced in[CN] Stultifera Navis

Branch Module Description
Dreadnought Guard.png DRE-X module.png
When the Dreadnought Guard attack enemies they are blocking, their ATK is increased to 115%.
Introduced in[CN] Invitation to Wine
DRE-Y module.png
When the Dreadnought Guard's HP is reduced to 0, they will survive with their HP fully restored and ASPD increased by 30, but their maximum HP is reduced by 60%. This effect can only be triggered once per deployment.
Introduced in[CN] Invitation to Wine
Instructor Guard.png INS-X module.png
The damage dealt by the Instructor Guard when attacking enemies they are not blocking is further increased to 130%.
Introduced inDossoles Holiday
INS-Y module.png
The Instructor Guard can now be deployed in both melee and ranged tiles.
Introduced inDossoles Holiday
Swordmaster Guard.png SWO-X module.png
The Swordmaster Guard's skills deal 10% more damage.
Introduced in[CN] Break the Ice
SWO-Y module.png
The Swordmaster Guard's attacks ignore 70 DEF.
Introduced in[CN] Break the Ice

Branch Module Description
Multi-target Medic.png RIN-X module.png
The Multi-target Medic's range is extended to an adjusted 3×4 tiles with a 1-tile extension up front.
Introduced inEpisode 9: Stormwatch
RIN-Y module.png
The Multi-target Medic can now heal up to four friendly units at once.
Introduced inEpisode 9: Stormwatch
Therapist Medic.png WAH-X module.png
The Therapist Medic have Status Resistance and Negative Taunt (see Aggression for more information).
Introduced in[CN] Stultifera Navis
WAH-Y module.png
Removes the healing penalty on further targets.
Introduced in[CN] Stultifera Navis

Branch Module Description
Artilleryman Sniper.png ART-X module.png
When the Artilleryman Sniper attack blocked enemies, their ATK is increased to 110%.
Introduced in[CN] Guiding Ahead
ART-Y module.png
The Artilleryman Sniper's attacks ignore 100 DEF.
Introduced in[CN] Guiding Ahead
Deadeye Sniper.png DEA-X module.png
The Deadeye Sniper's ATK is increased when attacking targets further away from their position, which caps at 15%.
Introduced inEpisode 9: Stormwatch
DEA-Y module.png
The Deadeye Sniper generates 1 SP in each attack so long as the target is not defeated/destroyed (i.e. if the attack would defeat/destroy the target, no SP will be generated).
Introduced inEpisode 9: Stormwatch
Heavyshooter Sniper.png ARC-X module.png
Reduces the Heavyshooter Sniper's redeployment cooldown by 25 seconds.
Introduced in[CN] Episode 10: Shatterpoint

Branch Module Description
Dollkeeper Specialist.png PUM-X module.png
The Substitute has +10% ATK.
Introduced in[CN] Stultifera Navis
PUM-Y module.png
The Substitute has +10% HP.
Introduced in[CN] Stultifera Navis
Executor Specialist.png EXE-X module.png
When the Executor Specialist is retreated, 80% of their current DP cost is refunded.
Introduced inNear Light
EXE-Y module.png
If there are no friendly units in the adjacent tiles to the Executor Specialist, their ATK is increased by 10%.
Introduced inNear Light
Merchant Specialist.png MER-X module.png
Reduces the DP drained by the Merchant Specialist when they are deployed to 2 DP every 3 seconds (also reduces the minimum DP threshold to automatically retreat the Merchant Specialist when there are insufficient DP to 1).
Introduced in[CN] Invitation to Wine

Branch Module Description
Decel Binder Supporter.png DEC-X module.png
If an enemy is inside the Decel Binder Supporter's range, their skill's SP generation rate is increased by 0.2/sec. (only if the Decel Binder's skill have automatic SP recovery).
Introduced in[CN] Episode 10: Shatterpoint
DEC-Y module.png
Extends the Slow duration of the Decel Binder Supporter's attacks to 1.2 seconds.
Introduced in[CN] Episode 10: Shatterpoint
Summoner Supporter.png SUM-X module.png
The first of the Summoner Supporter's summoned unit that are deployed will not be counted towards the Unit Limit, but the last will still be counted when they are destroyed or retreated.
Introduced inDossoles Holiday
SUM-Y module.png
Increases the deployment count of the Summoner Supporter's summoned unit by 3 and reduces their DP cost by 25% (rounded up).
Introduced inDossoles Holiday

Branch Module Description
Charger Vanguard.png CHG-X module.png
Increases the DP generated when the Charger Vanguard defeats an enemy to 2. Instead of the base DP cost, their current DP cost will be refunded when the Charger Vanguard is retreated.
Introduced in[CN] Break the Ice
CHG-Y module.png
When the Charger Vanguard attack enemies whose HP had fallen below 40%, their ATK is increased to 115%.
Introduced in[CN] Break the Ice