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Originium (Chinese: 源石; Pinyin: Yuán shí; lit. "Source/Origin Stone") is a substance found in Terra and Talos-II. It is one of the main subjects of the Arknights franchise.


A mysterious mineral. As technologies develop, more and more countries start to use it as an energy source.[1]

A common mineral in Terra, this semi-transparent black crystal contains enormous energy, and is the primary factor of causing Catastrophes. Widely used in the field of Arts, it works as the basic material and catalyst of all kinds of Arts and Arts items. Without Originium, the efficiency of Arts would, without a doubt, drop dramatically. As technologies develop, more and more countries start to use it as an energy source.[2]


Appearing as a black, semi-transparent crystalline mineral (although it has been occasionally seen in other colors like blue or gold), Originium can be found at sites of Catastrophes in large quantities, and is believed to play a role in causing them. Unlike other crystalline minerals, Originium grows and metastasizes naturally in the wild, and can even assimilate with organic matter if given the opportunity. Originium is also quite unstable, volatilizing into gaseous particles over time, being highly flammable when in a liquid state, and exhibiting highly explosive properties when stimulated enough. However, contrary to what one might believe, Originium is not actually radioactive.

Originium has a high energy yield, and as such, became a valuable resource ever since it was discovered in the ancient times. By the time Arknights take place, the proliferation of Originium had brought a technological revolution to Terra, with virtually all technology being powered by the substance. Notably, Originium allows the use of various forms of "magic" known as Originium Arts to aid the user in daily life as well as more violent applications. Processing Originium ore and similar natural substances into useful products has become an essential part of modern industry. Most valuable of all such Originium products is the Originite Prime - highly refined pure Originium serving as the main energy source throughout the world.

However, Originium is not without its dangers, since as mentioned above, Originium can gradually assimilate into a living organism's blood and cells, which is treated as a "disease" named Oripathy. Many unfortunate Terrans have fallen into Oripathy since the advent of Originium, and these people, often called Infected, were hated and discriminated against by the rest of the Terrans. Furthermore, Originium assimilation may cause varying degrees of genetic mutations depending on the organism.


  • Originium is surprisingly similar in many ways to Tiberium in Command & Conquer series:
    • Both were crystalline substances.
    • Both are used as valuable resources.
    • Exposure to both are dangerous to organic matter.


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