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A technique that can alter matter or consciousness by stimulating the energy inside Originium, harnessing it to manifest Arts.
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Originium Arts, commonly referred to as Arts, is a physics manipulation ability in the world of Arknights that, as the name suggests, utilizes Originium as the catalyst/medium.[1]

Users of Originium Arts are known as Casters (not to be confused with the Operator class). As a matter of fact, Operators that are not strictly of the Caster class are capable of using Arts, notably Earthspirit and Istina.


Originium Arts come in various forms, ranging from damaging projectiles, destructive effects, wound healing, and augmentation, but a caster can only use one particular type of Arts which depends on their mindset (e.g. Talulah can only use fire Arts due to her violent past and FrostNova can only use ice Arts due to being raised in the harsh, cold tundras of Ursus).

Arts vary in effectiveness, determined by the caster's willpower and mindset. Simple Arts can be casted with the caster's mind alone, but are limited by their range and effectiveness, and as such, are typically only used for oneself, as seen with Blaze's tactical chainsaw and Skullshatterer's grenade launchers. Complex Arts, however, must be casted through incantations – as such, the caster must not have any form of speech impairments and continue chanting to maintain the Arts' effectiveness; the chanting came in various forms, typically songs as seen with FrostNova's ice Arts.

The Infected are able to use the Originium within their bodies as a medium for their Arts, but this comes at the cost of rapidly accelerating their Oripathy and can even backfire when this method is used against the Infected themselves; the Leithanien Witch King's loyalist casters are known to have done this. In certain occasions, one's Oripathy can influence their Arts' effectiveness, but the Arts potential of non-Infected casters can match Infected casters through certain Arts amplification devices. The strongest Arts users known to date are Talulah and Amiya, where both are seen to be evenly matched in Arts prowess.[2]

Not every Terran can use Arts, however, at least in a functional form. It is unknown whether Arts usability is tied to the caster's bloodline or skill.


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