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The subject of this article can no longer be obtained by any means in the Global server of Arknights and the information is to be taken as reference.

The Outfit Voucher is a consumable item in Arknights.


Can redeem an outfit currently being sold at the Outfit Store.

An Operator outfit voucher from Rhodes Island's HR distribution; a new set of clothes always makes people happy.


When used, the player will be able to add one outfit of their choice that is currently available in the Outfit Store into their collection.


Outfit Voucher rule

An Outfit Voucher is given to all players who have previously purchased an outfit for an Operator with an alternate version upon the latter's release, due to the fact that the Operator and their alternate cannot wear one another's outfits, but only if the said outfit is bought with Originite Prime Originite Prime; outfits obtained in any other ways (including adding with Outfit Vouchers) will not merit an Outfit Voucher.

  • It should be noted that this does not apply retroactively; purchasing an Operator's outfit after the release of their alternate will not merit an Outfit Voucher.
  • The Outfit Voucher can be used to obtain any outfit regardless of the price of the outfit the purchase of which awarded it and regardless of the price of the outfit the player wants to use it on, with the following exceptions:
    • Outfits with dynamic art. This includes outfits appending dynamic art later (e.g. Nian's Unfettered Freedom and W's Fugue).
    • Outfits from crossover/collaboration events.

The table below shows the eligible Operators and their respective alternates and outfits.

Operator Outfit Event
Original Alternate
Under Tides
Dossoles Holiday
Near Light
Invitation to Wine
Stultifera Navis
Lingering Echoes
Ideal City
Il Siracusano

After Il Siracusano, Outfit Vouchers can no longer be obtained due to the removal of certain restrictions for alternate Operators.