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Penguin Logistics (P.L.) is a Terran organization. It is a global logistic company run by the famous rapper Emperor and primarily based in Lungmen. The company is small in size, but has been involved in street fights and mafia duels frequently, leading to the question of its supposed legality.


A mysterious logistics company that specializes in intelligence trading, armed escort and covert transportation.[1]


Most of the time, Penguin Logistics is known as a delivery company made up of Messengers that will deliver the package to its destination "no matter what it takes". However, it is said that P.L. could also provide other services, from being an armed courier and/or escort to pathfinders and transporters. P.L. also owns many commercial venues, one of which includes a bar named "The Ends of the Earth."

P.L. does have a bad reputation in Lungmen for its tendency of getting into "gang wars" with various criminal mobs, including the Rat King and his mobsters, and the Siracusan mafia, as well as causing numerous property damage all around the nomadic city. It was the founder and CEO Emperor's "friendship" with Wei Yenwu and the Lungmen Guard Department that keeps P.L. from facing legal trouble for its actions. Because of this, P.L. has numerous safehouses scattered around Lungmen.

P.L. members are guided by a simple principle: go with the flow. As such, they never put much thought into what they are going to do next, instead focusing on what happens at the current moment.

For all their misgivings, Bison pointed out that it was incredible to see P.L. still functioning, to the point that it has managed to score a friendly rivalry with the Lungmen-based MountainDash Logistics.

Notable members

  • Mostima is a "sanctioned" Lateranian and P.L.'s Messenger.


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