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This event is not yet released in the Global server of Arknights; the information are based on temporary community-provided translations which may not represent the final localization, to be updated when the event's Global release is announced.
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Phantom and Crimson Solitaire is the second season, or "theme" of Integrated Strategies. It focuses on Rhodes Island personnel entering the former Gallic territory of Celaiblason to search for the missing Phantom and an adventure into an abandoned, Gothic-styled castle that belongs to the notorious Crimson Troupe.

Crimson Solitaire introduces new mechanics that are to become the future standard of I.S., notably the fact that the mode is now permanently available, as opposed to the first tentative iteration of the game mode in Ceobe's Fungimist, which lasted three weeks.

Release date
CN January 5, 2022
Global Likely early July 2022

Changes from Ceobe's Fungimist

  • Delicious Honey Biscuit.png Delicious Honey Biscuit and Magnificent Mushroom.png Magnificent Mushroom are replaced with Candle.png Candle and Inspiration.png Inspiration, respectively. They serve identical functions.
  • The upgrade progress from Fungimist's Limbic Upgrade system will not carry over, and the upgrade progress during Crimson Solitaire will not carry over to future Integrated Strategies seasons.
  • Integrated Strategies runs now begin with a new starting Operators system. Instead of three random class tickets, the player will begin with the following options:
  • All Operators limited to Integrated Strategies return to the mode.
  • Two new types of collectibles:
    • The "Repertoire" is a passive item that will only affect the current Chapter and disappears upon accessing the next.
    • The "Strategic Item" is, unlike the traditional passive buff, a consumable active item that can be used once on a node. The player cannot carry more than one Strategic Item and will have to chose which to keep if they receive another.
  • The Castle Note System, a permanent reward system for the event. It will remain available even after the season ends six months after its launch, and progress will be kept intact; the player can acquire the rewards at any time. The Castle Note System uses a level gauge that is filled using Candles.
  • Every month, Crimson Solitaire will receive 15 new Castle Note pages, a new "Monthly Team" challenge and a new set of "Monthly Requests" objectives. These challenges will reward Candles upon completion.
  • Integrated Strategies will now have a seasonal medal set. It is likely that all the medals can be acquired at any time.

Castle Note System

The Castle Note system allows the player to level up using Candles, and awards upgrade materials and other consumables, as well as a few unique rewards. The Castle Note system's leveling cap will be increased every month with a new unique reward every month until the six months of Crimson Solitaire have passed and the new season arrives.

The unique rewards are:

Month Reward
January 2022
February 2022 "Phantom" and "Scarlet Troupe" profile pictures
March 2022 First half of the "Imaginary Castle" furniture set
April 2022
May 2022
June 2022 "Announcement of the End" furniture
July 2022 Secret home screen background

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