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A horde of Possessed Junkmen attacking anyone and anything within their reach.

The Possessed, usually known as the Herd and also known as Hosts, is one of the four types of enemies in Arknights.

"Possessed" refers to a group of Infected Reunion soldiers who have their Oripathy forcibly accelerated by Mephisto's Originium Arts, causing them to become zombie-like beings lacking independent thought or emotion but are bestowed with greater physical strength and numbness to pain, to the point where artillery designed to breach city walls are unable to harm them.



The rank-and-file Possessed have extremely rapid regenerative abilities which can be further improved by Mephisto using his Arts in both healing them and amplifying their regeneration.

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After being backed to a corner in the aftermath of the failed attack on Lungmen, Mephisto further amplified his Arts to accelerate the Possessed's infection to a critical point, which caused them to experience immense pain and drive them into insanity, to the point that they no longer followed Mephisto's orders and attacked indiscriminately out of primal rage.

While their accelerated infection grants them death-defying aggression and massively amplifies physical capabilities, the enraged Possessed's infection gradually consumes their life force instead of regenerating their wounds.

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A pack of Possessed Sarkaz in the path to the Sarcophagus.

Some Sarkaz mercenaries following Mephisto later unwittingly mutated into Possessed ones from the Originium dust he subconsciously dispersed upon his transformation by the Chernobog Sarcophagus, additionally bestowing them with the ability to drain the life force of their victims.

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  • As long as Mephisto is present, all Possessed Soldiers, Possessed Junkmen, and Possessed Heavy Defenders have their HP regeneration rate doubled.
  • As long as Mephisto, "The Singer" is present, all Possessed have their ATK and ASPD increased by 10% and 10, respectively. Upon entering its second phase, the ATK buff is increased to 30%.