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In Arknights, Operators can have their potential improved to grant them additional bonuses such as DP cost and/or redeployment time reduction, stat improvement, or improvement to their talent(s).

An Operator have six levels of potential, denoted by white lines that gradually forms an inverted pentagram as seen on the right with a blue overlay indicating the next level.

Operator Potential can be increased by either using one Operator Token (awarded when obtaining duplicates of Operators the player already own) or four Class Tokens. For more information, see Tokens.

If the Operator is at max potential, excess tokens of the Operator can be exchanged in the Certificate Store for either Commendation Certificate.png Commendation Certificate or Distinction Certificate.png Distinction Certificate depending on the rarity of the Operator. For more information on the certificates' conversion rate, see their respective articles.

The potentials of Amiya, Castle-3, Lancet-2, Savage, and THRM-EX can only be improved by their respective Operator Tokens.

Conviction and Integrated Strategies-exclusive Operators are the only ones whose potential cannot be improved in any way.