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Promotion increases an Operator's maximum stats and grants new Talents or Skills.
—Loading screen tip

In Arknights, Operators can be promoted to further improve them by increasing the cap of their level and attributes, and unlocking new skills and talents. Only 3★ and above Operators that can be promoted; 1★ and 2★ Operators are stuck at their maximum level of 30.

There are two possible promotions: Elite 1 and Elite 2.

Elite 1

Elite 1.png

To promote an Operator to Elite 1, they must reach the maximum level first (40 for 3★, 45 for 4★, 50 for 5★ and 6★).

  • 3★: 10000 LMD icon.png
  • 4★: 15000 LMD icon.png, 3 Chips, few T2 upgrade materials
  • 5★: 20000 LMD icon.png, 4 Chips, some T2 upgrade materials
  • 6★: 30000 LMD icon.png, 5 Chips, many T2 upgrade materials

Elite 2

Elite 2.png

Only 4★ Operators and above can be promoted to Elite 2; 3★ Operators are stuck at the maximum level of 55 at Elite 1.

To promote an Operator to Elite 2, they must be promoted to Elite 1 and reach the maximum level (60 for 4★, 70 for 5★, 80 for 6★).

  • 4★: 60000 LMD icon.png, 5 Chip Packs, many T3 upgrade materials
  • 5★: 120000 LMD icon.png, 3 Dualchips, some T3 and T4 upgrade materials
  • 6★: 180000 LMD icon.png, 4 Dualchips, some T4 and T5 upgrade materials

All Operators gain alternate artwork when promoted to Elite 2.


Elite 2 promotions are time-consuming and expensive due to the materials required, especially for 5★ and 6★ Operators, so the following should be considered before promoting Operators to Elite 2:

  • Team composition – Elite 2 Operators may or may not have an impact in a squad due to the benefits they provide. For instance, Texas' Elite 2 Tactical Delivery increases the initial DP count by 2, which can make all the difference in most situations.
  • Value – "Quality over quantity" is the best phrase to describe this consideration. One Elite 2 Operator with more utility is better than multiple of them who rely on their stats alone. This is especially noticeable in 6★ Operators who gain a new skill and talent at Elite 2.

It is recommended to promote DPS Operators (Casters, Guards, and Snipers) to Elite 2 first, followed by frontline Operators (Defenders and Vanguards), Medics, and finally Supporters and Specialists, in that order.

Elite 2 priority

Below is a list of Operators who are recommended to be promoted to Elite 2 as soon as possible in an alphabetical order:

Operator Explanation
  • With Arcane Staff - Anti-Gravity Mode, Angelina can act as a makeshift AoE Caster capable of slowing enemies and reducing all enemies' weight so shift Specialists can easily displace them. The only drawback to this is that Arcane Staff - Anti-Gravity Mode prevents Angelina from attacking while it is not active.
  • Part-Time Job passively heals all Operators over time while Angelina's skill is not active. The amount may be modest, but can be useful in operations where Medics are unusable. Another point of interest is Part-Time Job are one of the few healing sources that affects Enmity Guards.
  • Accelerator Field's improvement is always welcome to bolster the team's attack rate.
  • Locked Breech Burst buffs Bagpipe's ATK and DEF, makes her attack deliver three hits at once, and increases her block count by one, allowing her to take on just about anything by driving her pilebunker lance deep through her foe, even if they are heavily armored. Its only drawbacks is that Locked Breech Burst increases Bagpipe's attack interval and the skill has a subpar uptime.
  • Martial Tradition grants additional initial SP for all Vanguards, thus allowing them to use their skill (and generate DP) much sooner than usual; to stress this importance, the faster the Doctor deploys their Operators, the more likely they will be able to clear the operation smoothly. Notably, Myrtle can use her Support β almost immediately after she is deployed, assuming that the skill is at Mastery 3, with Martial Tradition.
  • The improved Precise Reloading is always welcome to bolster Bagpipe's DPS.
  • As with other AoE Guards (barring Popukar who is stuck at Elite 1), Blaze can now block three enemies, improving her overall DPS output by 50%, granted she can now attack an additional enemy.
  • Boiling Burst gradually buffs Blaze's ATK and DEF while it is active and makes her attacks hit all enemies in range, bringing up her DPS to greater levels. Even better, after Boiling Burst expires, Blaze deals heavy AoE damage to enemies in a large radius to finish off those who survived her onslaught at the cost of 25% of her maximum HP.
  • Harsh Training makes Blaze more resistant to Abnormal Statuses sometime after she was deployed, rendering stuns and cold/freeze much less effective against her.
  • Emergency Defibrillation's extended duration is always welcome to give Blaze a "second chance" in the field.
  • At Mastery 3, Chi Xiao - Unsheath has an initial SP of 20 with an identical SP cost, allowing its use immediately after Ch'en is deployed. This allows Ch'en to be used as a "panic button" against groups of enemies (including drones) that leaks through a defensive line to erase them in a snap.
  • Chi Xiao - Shadowless is not only effective to slaughter large groups of enemies in the blink of an eye, but also to weaken (and hopefully) kill bosses, with an added stun on the very last attack for a good measure.
  • A 20% increase on Scolding's interval means that Operators with offensive and defensive SP recovery (including Ch'en herself) can use their skills more often.
  • Blade Art is a welcome buff for Ch'en's ATK and DEF with an added slight physical dodge.
  • Overloading Mode turns Exusiai into a literal Gatling gun/minigun; with a reduced attack interval and attacks that fire five shots at once, only enemies with high DEF will resist attacks via this skill.
  • Angel's Blessings is a welcome addition to buff the HP and ATK of Exusiai and another Operator, provided that the player carefully manages their deployment order so that only the desired Operator will receive the buff.
  • The improved Fast Cartridge doubles the fun with Exusiai's already high attack rate.
  • Volcano is a powerful AoE attack which, like the namesake, can turn even the toughest of enemies into cinders within a short time, and this alone makes Eyjafjalla a popular, high-demand Operator among Doctors.
  • At Mastery 1, Ignition can stack up to three charges and weakens the enemy's RES more at Mastery 3, in addition to doing more damage that easily allows her to roast large groups of enemies.
  • Wild Fire gives Eyjafjalla a random amount of SP in each and every deployment. Wild Fire is not something that one can always count on due to its randomness, but can be useful to allow Eyjafjalla use her skills, especially Volcano, sooner.
  • The improved Pyrobreath is always a welcome addition in a Caster-heavy squad.
  • With Full Moon, Hellagur becomes a pseudo-AoE Guard who can easily cut open all in his way, not to mention that the extended attack range means that he can strike enemies before they could get close to him. While Hellagur cannot be healed but restores HP in each attack, Full Moon makes him restore more HP, up to triple the normal amount, in each strike. Crescent Moon is more preferred to allow Hellagur to last longer, however.
  • Ingenious Strategist allows Hellagur to regenerate HP while not blocking an enemy. As such, this is very important due to the fact that Hellagur cannot be healed.
  • The further improved Waxing Moon doubles Hellagur's ASPD when he is at below 30% HP, bolstering his DPS and by extension HP recovery further.
  • Spiritual Destruction now silences the enemy for 5 seconds. Having an attack interval of 1.3 seconds, this means that Lappland can effectively shut down her enemies' abilities indefinitely – provided that she keeps attacking on the same target – and rendering hostile Snipers, Defense Crushers, and even Crownslayer impotent.
  • With five Soaring Dragons at her disposal, Magallan can worry less about losing her Soaring Dragons to enemy attacks (though the Soaring Dragons are still restricted to a limit of three).
  • Armed Combat Module causes Magallan's Soaring Dragon to behave like a miniature AoE Sniper, and the fact that she can have up to three of such out in the field increases her viability against concentrated groups of enemies. Activating Armed Combat Module buffs the Soaring Dragons' ATK and splash damage radius, and recovers them upon expiration, allowing Magallan to relocate the Soaring Dragons to continue the fireworks show.
  • Optical Refraction Accessories renders the Soaring Dragons unable to be targeted by attacks, so Magallan can drop them before enemies and dish out high amounts of damage with little to no penalty.
  • Every mastery level takes seconds off her skills, which means getting that all important DP faster, which means other vanguards can be out sooner, which means more DP, and so on. any mission with low DP generation (like Contingency Contract or Annihilation missions) can be trivialised.
  • The 25 HP per second may not sound like much but it can take a lot of weight off of healers in the early game, allowing more focus to be put on getting out powerful operators, getting long charging skills up earlier (like thorns Destreza see below), or dealing with map challenges before they become a problem.
  • Iron Defense is undoubtedly one of the best supportive skills; this is because it not only buffs Nian's ATK, but also buffs the DEF of friendlies in a large radius, increases their block count, and grants them Abnormal Status resistance. With Iron Defense, even low-rarity Defenders will be able to hold off enemies just as well as higher-rarity ones, and the otherwise frail Operators will be able to last longer, while Nian herself will be able to deliver more punishment.
  • Clairvoyance blocks the first three instances of damage Nian receives, which can be useful against enemies with an absurd amount of ATK capable of OHKOing most Operators, notably in Contingency Contract. Just be careful not to have Nian wasting Clairvoyance on trivial enemies, though.
  • The improved Tectonic Armor will make Nian's fellow Defenders tougher than ever.
  • The doubled effectiveness of Skill Point Halo (+0.3 SP regeneration rate for Operators with automatic SP recovery) means that most Operators can use their skills more often than ever, and even for some, keep them active throughout much of the operation.
  • Truesilver Slash is infamous as the most borderline overpowered skill in Arknights; it basically allows SilverAsh to attack multiple enemies within a huge range in each swing of his sword; these swings are considered melee attacks. This causes massive damage on each hit, to which point weaker enemies are killed outright while stronger ones will be heavily damaged, easily allowing SilverAsh to beat even the most difficult of operations – and the reason why he is popular among Doctors.
  • Eagle Eyes reveal invisible enemies within attack range, which is one of the few ways to do so without the Detectors on some maps. This makes Invisible Caster Leaders and Lurkers much less of a headache when SilverAsh is around.
  • The effectiveness of Leader is now more noticeable and useful all around.
  • Destreza is an incredibly powerful ability giving Thorns the ability to solo whole lanes and take down anything short of a boss in seconds. It takes a little while to charge up, but once it is there is very little he will need help dealing with. Especially powerful in Annihilation missions where there is plenty of time (and enemies) to charge it on.
  • Echoes of Ancestral Waves lets him heal up if given even only a short time to recover, alleviating the need for healers to keep him topped up between waves. when combined with Protective Spikes he can tank as well as many of the top Defender operators.
  • the increase to Nerve Corrosion may be less impactful but it can help tip the balance against enemies that Thorns might otherwise struggle against, like those with high DEF, particularly ranged ones like Shielded Senior Casters.
  • Ever wondering what would enemies feel if they are ever hit by W's demolition charges? D12 is the answer; W does exactly that to enemies in her range, inflicting massive damage in an AoE and stunning any survivors. With D12, W can be a nightmare to enemies who are bunched up together, and if all enemies with D12 on them are located very close to each other, it is sure destruction.
  • At Mastery levels, Jack in the Box does more damage, stuns longer, and has lower SP cost. This allows W to literally cover her reach in a minefield that will be the undoing of careless enemies and disorienting any who survives to be finished off by W and her allies, though one must note that aerial units are unaffected by the mines.
  • "Art is a bang", and W is the master – Insult to Injury makes stunned enemies inside W's range take more physical damage, thus ensuring that anyone who survives W's flashy demolitions can be quickly taken care of with their pants down, literally.
  • The improved physical dodge from Ambush improves W's survivability.
  • Liquid Nitrogen Cannon is a massive improvement over FEater's Destructive Fist and Shaw's High-Pressure Water Cannon, where it also inflicts Pure damage to unfortunate enemies being struck by the snap-freezing liquid nitrogen blast based on how far they have moved; basically, lightweight enemies won't be able to survive while heavier enemies will be heavily damaged if they are not plummeting into their oblivion.
  • At Mastery 3, Hydraulics Mode push enemies away with a moderate force; combined with its permanent duration, W can effectively keep enemies from even reaching her especially if supported by her Water Cannon.
  • Upgraded Water Cannon increases the shift force of the Water Cannon; with Liquid Nitrogen Cannon at Mastery 3, it will fire an instance of Liquid Nitrogen Cannon with an extremely strong force of 4, which is enough to noticeably blast away heavier enemies, and can even slightly push back most bosses who have a weight of at least 5; the further enemies are blasted away, the more damage they took from the snap-freezing blasts, making Liquid Nitrogen Cannon the ultimate shift skill when used in conjunction with Water Cannon + Upgraded Water Cannon. As a bonus, Upgraded Water Cannon also periodically grants Weedy additional SP if the Water Cannon is adjacent to her, allowing her to use her skills sooner.
  • Industrial Water Cannon extends the Water Cannon's duration, allowing it to provide shift support longer than before (though only by a small margin).