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A non-governmental military organization formed by persecuted Oripathy victims. They rebel against the non-Infected and their oppressive societies.
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The Reunion Movement, commonly known as Reunion, is the main antagonistic faction of the first act of the Arknights storyline. It is a violent non-state actor and terrorist group consisting of the Infected – those infected by Oripathy – which seeks to end all forms of discrimination and oppression by Terran society against them.


The Infected's plight is one of the factors which led to Reunion's rise.

The origins of the Reunion Movement could be traced to the advent of Catastrophes in Terra, which leads to the proliferation of Originium and the Oripathy pandemic along with it. As a result of the Terrans' deep prejudice against peoples infected with Oripathy, the Infected are marginalized with many non-Infected developing a strong hatred for them. While many Infected attempted to find a peaceful solution for their plight, those who suffer the worst, united by their hatred towards the Terrans, choose to utilize force to liberate themselves from the systematic oppression they faced.

Reunion fighters camping in an Ursine village.

Reunion was founded by Talulah after she struck an alliance with Patriot and FrostNova. Originally consisting of Ursine Infected, primarily from the Northern Tundra, as well as FrostNova's Yeti Squadron and Patriot's Guerrillas, Reunion rapidly grew in a short span of time, eventually adding Infected from other Terran countries into their ranks. At first, Reunion waged an armed insurgency against the Ursus Empire for its poor treatment of the Infected, later becoming more active around Terra via their organization of pro-Infected protests and non-violent civil resistances.

The Reunion Movement assembled.

The current Reunion was born after Talulah burned an Ursine village to the ground in retaliation for their killing of the Infected. The tragedy led her into guiding Reunion towards a more militant route by advocating for violent, radical methods of protest, such as riots, sabotage, and even acts of terror for the "Infected cause." As a consequence, the movement has been designated as a terrorist organization by all Terran nations.[1] In truth, Talulah was under the influence of Duke Kashchey of Ursus, who used the Draco's position as the leader of Reunion to astroturf them towards a "self-destructive path," seeing Reunion as the "perfect sacrifice" to further his grand scheme of "making Ursus great again."

Main Theme

Reunion Arc

Reunion fighters reveling in the devastation across Chernobog.

Reunion's high-ranking members watching the devastattion of Chernobog.

During Rhodes Island's mission to extract the Doctor from a sarcophagus in Chernobog, Reunion, under the command of Crownslayer and Mephisto, instigated an armed uprising on the Ursus nomadic city which had been a hotbed of Infected oppression for a long time. Despite R.I.'s interference, which even forced Talulah to step in, the city had mostly fallen into Reunion hands as a Catastrophe struck the already struggling Chernobog. The city was eventually used by Reunion as their base of operations with their subsectors as staging grounds to carry out further attacks around Terra while they scoured for any survivors of the devastation who were subsequently held captive.

Sometime after the fall of Chernobog, the Reunion Assault Squad under the command of Skullshatterer operated in Lungmen to recover Misha, a survivor of the Chernobog uprising and Skullshatterer's sister, who held sensitive information. Despite their conflict with R.I. and Lungmen Guard Department, the Assault Squad managed to recover Misha and fled through the deserts bordering Ursus and Lungmen, but they were subsequently destroyed by the joint R.I.- L.G.D. forces, with Skullshatterer and Misha among the Reunion casualties. The intel, which turned out to be a key for Chernobog's control systems, was secretly recovered by W in the aftermath.

The unfortunate Chernobogians immolated by Reunion, with the resulting fire forming the Reunion symbol.

R.I., with assistance from L.G.D., later sent a recon team to a subsector of Chernobog. But they were besieged by Reunion under Mephisto, who immolated the captive inhabitants of Chernobog as an act of Reunion's vengeance towards Ursus. R.I. persisted enough to have FrostNova and her Yeti Squadron step in, but following a protracted chase, the Yetis permitted R.I. to leave after FrostNova and the Doctor were rescued from a sinkhole.[2] However, the event in Chernobog was merely a distraction that allowed Reunion to carry out an attack on Lungmen, led by Mephisto and Faust. Even though the L.G.D. responded rapidly to the attack, Reunion was able to capture much of the nomadic city, including the L.G.D.'s own headquarters. In the end, Reunion was defeated by the L.G.D. and R.I. after a fierce battle in the L.G.D. HQ's rooftops.[3]

As Reunion retreated from Lungmen, Mephisto created advanced Possessed beings out of desperation, slaughtering anyone in their way, friend or foe. The situation, coupled by the irruption of Wei Yenwu's Shadow Guards, forced Faust to sacrifice himself just as FrostNova and her Yeti Squadron arrived from Chernobog to aid the Reunion army.[4] The Yeti Squadron was annihilated in the ensuing battle against the Shadow Guards with FrostNova herself being felled after an intense battle against R.I.[5] However, their demise bought the remnants of Reunion valuable time to successfully escape Lungmen and flee to Chernobog.

At the same time, Talulah set Chernobog's core city on course into Lungmen in an attempt to create a massive collision. If the plan succeeded, a war between Ursus and Yan would be inevitable. Upon knowing the situation, W and Talulah entered open conflict at the control tower, and the Draco realized that she was not truly loyal to Reunion's cause, ending W's allegiance to Reunion. Meanwhile, despite having terminated their contract with Lungmen in the aftermath of FrostNova's death, R.I. decided to infiltrate Chernobog and stop the collision to de-escalate the situation. Facing fierce resistance from Reunion, including W's Sarkaz mercenaries loyal to Talulah despite W's desertion and Patriot's guerrilla forces, R.I. eventually confronted Patriot himself, where the Wendigo fell after a grueling battle.[6] Patriot's death sent the Reunion forces within Chernobog into disarray. However, this did nothing to halt the city, the collision now imminent.

Rhodes Island launched a two-pronged attack where Amiya headed to Chernobog's control tower and Kal'tsit and the Doctor ventured into the Sarcophagus of Chernobog to shut down the city's power and stop the collision. Unbeknownst to R.I., the Third Army of Ursus used the disarray in Reunion's ranks following Patriot's death to infiltrate the nomadic city and assuming the guise of Reunion soldiers after killing many of them. The Third Army intercepted the R.I. forces in an effort to ensure that the Chernobog-Lungmen collision went uninterrupted, complicating the situation further. Aided by Patriot's guerrillas and Faust's Phantom Crossbowmen, R.I. fought through both the Ursus forces and the Possessed horde infesting Chernobog's core district as Kal'tsit and the Doctor reached the Sarcophagus. There, they encountered Mephisto, who had transformed into an avian monster as a result of using the device. Mephisto was eventually incapacitated by Kal'tsit and Rhodes Island's operators, ending the biohazard threat he unwittingly caused.

Meanwhile, Amiya headed towards the control tower together with Ch'en, who had arrived earlier, and the two immediately locked into a confrontation with Talulah. The situation escalated to its climax as Kashchey, the mastermind behind Reunion's fall, revealed himself and fully possessed Talulah, now known as "The Deathless Black Snake." The battle forced Amiya to unleash her sealed powers of the Lord of Fiend. After a long struggle, "The Deathless Black Snake" was defeated, Chernobog's rampage was stopped, and Talulah was temporarily freed from Kashchey's control.[7]

To ensure that Ursus and Yan could not scapegoat Rhodes Island for the Chernobog-Lungmen crisis, Talulah was taken into Rhodes Island's custody as a bargaining chip, in which she remained ever since. With Talulah's incarceration as well as the loss of all its leaders, Reunion effectively ceased to exist as an organized force and posed no longer any major threat to the Terrans, though the result of their actions continued to cast a shadow over Terra.

Some of Reunion's members, notably Nine, managed to escape the organization's fall unscathed, and chose to carry Reunion's ideals in their own way.


Most Intermezzi, Side Stories, and Vignettes take place after (the original) Reunion's downfall in Episode 08 and they play a much smaller role:


Reunion's forces are made up of the following:


Phantom Crossbowman

A Phantom Crossbowman.

The Phantom Crossbowmen are elite Reunion marksmen. They started out as regular marksmen that taught Faust sharpshooting skills in the early days of Reunion, eventually becoming lead by Faust, going on to become an exceptional marksman and the Phantom Crossbowmen's leader. The Phantom Crossbowmen had since followed Faust throughout conflicts involving Reunion, including the fall of Chernobog and the attack on Lungmen. They had followed Faust until his death in the aftermath of the attack on Lungmen, after which they briefly fought alongside the Yeti Squadron before joining forces with the Guerrillas after Patriot's death. After the end of the Chernobog-Lungmen crisis, the Phantom Crossbowmen had endeavored to continue fighting for the Infected alongside the Guerrillas.

The Phantom Crossbowmen can become invisible through Faust's Arts, allowing them to deal in psychological warfare by making it appear that Faust is firing from multiple locations at once.

Yeti Squadron

They were like the chill of winter itself. The land was said to freeze underneath their feet. Buildings would collapse, turned into nothing more than grains of snow drifting across an empty battlefield. The trenches where the Ursus soldiers were stationed became their icy grave.
Frostleaf describing the Yeti Squadron[9]

The Yeti Squadron is a band of arctic warfare soldiers who assisted Patriot during his times leading an insurrection against Ursus and followed him when he joined Reunion. The Yetis have since fought across multiple fronts for Reunion. Led by FrostNova and made up of those following her since their rescue from the Ursus Originium mining camp in the Northern Tundra, members of the Yeti Squadron are adept at using ice-based Originium Arts and capitalizing on them by exploiting the vulnerability of those affected by the Yetis' Arts. However, during the Chernobog-Lungmen crisis, the Yetis met their ultimate annihilation at the hands of the Shadow Guards.

The Yeti Squadron is made up of the following:

The Yeti Squadron also makes use of Originium Ice Crystals to support their field operations.

Patriot's Guerrillas

Patriot's Guerrillas, or simply Guerrillas, are a guerrilla force under Patriot's command, consisting of ex-Ursus Army soldiers who followed him ever since he led an insurgency against Ursus. Primarily operating in the Northern Tundras before Patriot joins Reunion, the Guerrillas are feared by the Ursines due to their discipline and coordination, and ability to strike down their enemies long before they can even react. Following Patriot's death during the Chernobog-Lungmen crisis, the Guerrillas aided R.I. in clearing the way from the Possessed infesting Chernobog's core district and holding off the Ursus Army who attacked Chernobog under the guise of Reunion fighters during the climax of the crisis. In the aftermath of the crisis, they went their separate ways to continue fighting for the Infected in Patriot's memory.

The Guerrillas are made up of the following:

The Guerrillas also make use of Originium Altars to "support" their field operations.

Notable members

  • Gareth: A male Reunion soldier who survived the organization's downfall alongside Illa and travels through the no man's land bordering Ursus and Kazimierz to join the Rusthammers. Both of them are eventually accepted into the Rusthammer's ranks after enduring a trial in which they are to survive in the wildlands for a month with whatever they could scavenge.
  • Illa: A female Reunion caster who survived the organization's downfall alongside Gareth and travels through the no man's land bordering Ursus and Kazimierz to join the Rusthammers. Both of them are eventually accepted into the Rusthammer's ranks after enduring a trial in which they are to survive in the wildlands for a month with whatever they could scavenge.

Of the Reunion members above:

  • Big Bob left Reunion prior to the events of Grani and the Knights' Treasure.
  • Crownslayer left Reunion at the end of Episode 08.
  • FrostNova defected to Rhodes Island before her death and was made its posthumous member at the end of Episode 08.
  • Guard was a former member of Rhodes Island before his defection to Reunion in Episode 07.
  • Kevin deserted from Reunion after suffering an "accident" during the events of Episode 05.

The following Operators were former Reunion members or affiliated with Reunion at one point: