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A non-governmental military organization formed by persecuted Oripathy victims. They rebel against the non-Infected and their oppressive societies.
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The Reunion Movement, commonly known as Reunion, is the main antagonistic faction of the first part of the Arknights storyline. It is a militant organization of the Infected who seeks to end all forms of discrimination and oppression by Terran society against them.


The Infected's plight is one of the factors which led to Reunion's rise

The origins of the Reunion Movement could be traced to the advent of Catastrophes in Terra, which leads to the proliferation of Originium and the Oripathy pandemic along with it. As a result of the Terrans' deep hatred against the Infected, they are marginalized with many non-Infected developing a strong hatred for them. While many Infected attempted to find a peaceful solution for their plight, those who suffer the worst, united by their grudge towards the Terrans, choose to utilize force to liberate themselves from the systematic oppression they faced.

Reunion fighters camping in an Ursine village

Reunion was founded by Talulah and Alina that was originally used to shelter persecuted Ursine Infected inhabiting the Northern Tundra. After Talulah struck an alliance with Patriot's Guerrillas and FrostNova's Yeti Squadron, it rapidly grew in a short span of time, eventually adding Infected from other Terran countries into their ranks. At first, Reunion waged an armed insurgency against the Ursus Empire for its poor treatment of the Infected, later becoming more active around Terra via their organization of pro-Infected protests and non-violent civil resistances.

The Reunion Movement assembled

The current Reunion was born after Talulah burned an Ursine village to the ground in retaliation for their killing of the Infected. The tragedy led her into guiding Reunion towards a more militant route by advocating for violent, radical methods of protest, such as riots, sabotage, and even acts of terror for the "Infected cause." As a consequence, the movement has been designated as a terrorist organization by all Terran nations. In truth, Talulah was under the influence of Duke Kashchey of Ursus, who used the Draco's position as the leader of Reunion to astroturf them towards a "self-destructive path," seeing Reunion as the "perfect sacrifice" to further his grand scheme of "making Ursus great again."[1]

After Kashchey's defeat at the climax of Chernobog-Lungmen crisis and Talulah's incarceration at Rhodes Island, Reunion is seemingly disintegrated and posed no longer any major threat to the Terrans, though the result of their actions continued to cast a shadow over Terra. However, Nine managed to reunite the scattered remnants of Reunion as they went underground to continue their struggle for the Infected cause from the shadows, their eyes now set to Victoria to answer the call for help from the Infected workers in Londinium.


Reunion's forces are made up of the following, which excludes Sarkaz mercenaries and the Possessed:

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Notable members


Reunion's high-ranking members watching the devastation of Chernobog

  • Djikstra: A Sarkaz Infected living in Columbia and a close friend of Closure, who is mentioned by her in Heart of Surging Flame.[2] He either approached or contacted by the reorganized Reunion at some point after the Chernobog-Lungmen crisis and helped them in Talulah's jailbreak by sending Closure an e-mail with a computer virus that disabled the Rhodes Island landship's security system.[3]

Of the Reunion members above:

  • Big Bob left Reunion prior to the events of Grani and the Knights' Treasure.
  • Crownslayer left Reunion at the end of Episode 08.
  • FrostNova defected to Rhodes Island before her death near the end of Episode 06 and was made its posthumous member at the end of Episode 08.
  • Guard was a former member of Rhodes Island before his defection to Reunion in Episode 07.
  • Kevin deserted from Reunion after suffering an "accident" during the events of Episode 05.
  • Mephisto is taken under R.I.'s care after the events of Episode 08, but his ultimate fate remains unknown as of Episode 09.
  • Nine is the leader of Reunion as of Episode 09.
  • Talulah is the leader of Reunion up until she was taken into the R.I. custody near the end of Episode 08.