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Rhodes Island's Records of Originium - Rhine Lab is the second Arknights manhua part of the Rhodes Island's Records of Originium series. It acts as a prequel to Dorothy's Vision and focuses on the relationship between Rhine Lab Operators serving for Rhodes Island. The manhua also reveals the details surrounding the "Diabolic Crisis" involving Ifrit, which is previously mentioned in passing on her Archive files and Mansfield Break.


Ifrit meets an unexpected visitor on Rhodes Island. The appearance of Saria makes Silence, Saria and Ifrit recall the past.


# Title Synopsis
1 An Unexpected Guest Ifrit heard Saria is back on Rhodes Island and wanted to meet her stealthily, but accidentally, she meets a stowaway, Daria, a small girl which Oripathy is in a severe condition. The girl can control water through her arts, and lost control when Ifrit bring her to the kitchen. Thankfully, Saria came and control the girl, after that, Silence decide to give Daria treatment despite being non-compliant on Rhodes Island to heal a stowaway.
2 Experimental Treatment Silence recalls the day when she first meet Ifrit and Saria, the day Saria saved Ifrit under the ruins of Haydn Lab. Saria's teacher, Director of Structure section of Rhine Lab, Parvis, pointed out the only way to save ifrit from Oripathy is by trying chimeric treatment. Back to now, Saria's background research on Daria shows the girl's disharmonious family results the losing control of her ability, which turns her parent become mummies.
3 As You Wish After receiving chimeric treatment, Ifrit's condition has improved significantly, the relationship between Saria, Silence, and Ifrit becomes better and better at the same time. Back to now, Ifrit still wants to find Saria on Rhodes Island, so she brings Daria out, but fails because the ship is too huge. Ifrit tells Daria how Saria and Silence take care of her when they still in Rhine Lab, and she loves them so much. Ifrit afraids why she can't see Saria is because something she can't remember before coming to Rhodes Island made Saria doesn't like her anymore. Knowing what Ifrit is thinking, Ptilopsis tells her Saria will come to Medical Department later, and demands Ifrit follow Silence's order, stay in her ward, and do not contact Saria.
4 如你,如我
5 祸不单行
6 物是人非
7 尽我所能
8 曲终人散
9 黎明之前


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