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The Rhodes Island Resource Allocation Certificate is an event currency in Arknights.


Rationing certificates issued by Rhodes Island to field operators, including vouchers. Can be used to exchange for supplies in Rhodes Island's landship, regional branches, and various safehouses.

The certificate bears the signature of the administrator, an anti-counterfeiting watermark, and a detailed record of the supplies needed by the operators and for what reasons they are needed. After these three items have been verified, the responsible personnel will collect the voucher attached to the certificate and distribute the supplies to the field operator.


These certificates used as a permission to obtain certain supplies from the Rhodes Island logistics can be obtained and exchanged for various items at the Commissary during the Operation Originium Dust event.


Rhodes Island Resource Allocation Certificates are awarded as the first clear reward of all OD operations and the regular drop of Task Records operations, and from Combat Record and Engineering Test Indicators (Defence Protocols) missions.


  • The item was named Rhodes Island Supply Ration Coupon when Operation Originium Dust were announced.