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The Rhodes Island Supplies is a consumable item in Arknights.


Filled with an assortment of supplies and materials.

Rhodes Island purchases and stores boxes of supplies from various places. However, due to the lack of an organized storage system, each box contains seemingly random materials.


When used, the Rhodes Island Supplies give a T1 to T3 upgrade material selected at random. The player may want to save one for keepsake purposes as it is limited.


The Rhodes Island Supplies was featured as a special drop on all operations except Annihilation, Challenge Mode, and Inferno Mode alongside Emergency Sanity Sampler.png Emergency Sanity Sampler during the Episode 6: Partial Necrosis and Episode 9: Stormwatch (as Rhodes Island Supplies II) events.

From Contingency Contract Barrenland, 5 Rhodes Island Supplies are given as the reward for unlocking Level 3 contracts for C.C. Training Ground operations.