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The Sarkaz are an Ancient race in the world of Arknights.


Sarkaz are humanoids with a pair of horns of varying shapes above their head, longer pointed ears, and a slim tail with a pointy end, making them identical to demons in Abrahamic religions. Indeed, they are sometimes referred to as "demons" or "devils" by the Terrans due to their past history. Not all Sarkaz have tails, i.e., Vampire Sarkaz (see below) lack them. Horns-removing is also a common practice among some Sarkaz in order to conceal their identities, but to some, it is treated as an act of humiliation.[1]

Most Sarkaz are known to be born in Kazdel. They are more susceptible to Oripathy than other races, but this is both a blessing and a curse as Sarkaz's vulnerability to Oripathy allows them to both use and resist Originium Arts better. One notable application of such is an ancient Arts ritual using an Originium Altar to generate waves of harmful, pure Originium energy, often referred to as a "witchcraft" or "cannibalism."[2]

Most Sarkaz belong to the Goliath subrace which can be seen from their muscular stature (similar to the biblical Goliath, hence their name) and (usually) ram-like horns, but there are also many other Sarkaz subraces:


As their name suggests, Vampires resemble the namesake in our world. They differ from other Sarkaz in their lack of horns and tail with some being hematophagus and nocturnal. Few Vampires also have a pale skin like those in our world.


As their name suggests, Wendigos resemble the namesake in our world. They differ from other Sarkaz by having antler-like horns and a larger stature than any other Sarkaz which bestowed them with immense physical strength. However, by the time Arknights take place, Wendigos are considered to be a dying race as only a very few of them remain in Terra.[3]


Little is known about Banshees, but from their name, they might resemble the namesake in our world. Currently, the only available information about Banshees is that they have a matriarchal society and an androgynous physical appearance.


Only mentioned in passing, nothing yet is known about the Scavengers.



Of the Operators above, Midnight and Warfarin are Vampires.


Of the NPCs above:

  • Closure is a Vampire.
  • The Corrupted and Withered Knights are likely Scavengers.
  • Logos is a Banshee.[4]
  • Patriot is the last known pureblood Wendigo in Terra.


The Sarkaz is also one of the types of enemies in Arknights.

Certain Operators have skills and/or talents that interacts with Sarkaz enemies in various ways:

  • Mudrock has the Unshakable Solidarity talent, which reduces the damage she receives from Sarkaz enemies.
  • Toddifons has the Signal Arrow skill, which targets the Sarkaz enemy with the highest weight over the others, and the Fiery Instinct talent, which increases the damage she deals to Sarkaz enemies.

Other than the enemies below, all Sarkaz characters fought as bosses are of the Sarkaz type.


Kazdel mercenaries

Mudrock Squad


Their name is possibly derived from the Greek word for "to tear apart" or "to sneer," sarkasmós (σαρκασμός).[5] The word is also the origin of the English word sarcasm.

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