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The Sarkaz (both singular and plural) is an Ancient race in the world of Arknights.


Sarkaz are humanoids with a pair of horns of varying shapes above their head, longer pointed ears, and a slim tail with a pointy end, making them identical to demons in Abrahamic religions. Indeed, they are sometimes referred to as "demons" or "devils" by the Terrans due to their past history, although the latter of the two is regarded as a racial slur. Not all Sarkaz have tails; Vampire Sarkaz (see below) notably lack one. Horns-removing is also a common practice among some Sarkaz in order to conceal their identities, but to some, it is treated as an act of humiliation.[1] Sarkaz are also known for having an elongated life span that can last up to centuries.

Most Sarkaz are known to be born in Kazdel. They are more susceptible to Oripathy than other races, but this is both a blessing and a curse as Sarkaz's vulnerability to Oripathy allows them to both use and resist Originium Arts better. One notable application of such is an ancient Arts ritual using an Originium Altar to generate waves of harmful, pure Originium energy, often referred to as a "witchcraft" or "cannibalism."[2] As a consequence, it is said that Sarkaz value death more than other races while believing that it is their only requiem; they could even easily sense others' decease the moment someone dies.



While Cecilia is born from a Sarkaz father and a Sankta mother, she is identified as a Sankta.[3]


Their name is possibly derived from the Greek word for "to tear apart" or "to sneer," sarkasmós (σαρκασμός).[4] The word is also the origin of the English word sarcasm.

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