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The Semi-Synthetic Solvent is an upgrade material in Arknights, introduced alongside Episode 09.


An active solvent with excellent physical characteristics, and good resistance to acids and bases. Can be used in a variety of upgrades.

The product of a traditional solvent undergoing a modernization process, it demonstrates remarkably enhanced properties.


The first of Solvent-type upgrade materials, these namesake substances are used in the processing of certain products, particularly those requiring certain chemical solutions, and needed for the advanced skill upgrades, Mastery training, and Elite 2 promotion of certain Operators introduced from Episode 09 onwards.

The Semi-Synthetic Solvent is obviously needed for the processing of Refined Solvents.



Regular drops

Operation Sanity Drop rate Sanity per drop
18 Sanity icon.png Rare (~28%) ~64 Sanity icon.png
21 Sanity icon.png Rare (~33%) ~63 Sanity icon.png

As seen on the table above, the best operation to farm Semi-Synthetic Solvents, whether if one needs them only or to process Refined Solvent.png Refined Solvent, is 9-18.

Extra drops


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