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Shop Voucher is a currency in Arknights.


A certificate describing the business and operational capacities of Rhodes Island. Can be exchanged for items.

The operations at Rhodes Island require substantial funding and a variety of materials. Therefore, we must trade in diverse markets in order to keep everything running.


These certificates are used by Rhodes Island for trading with certain commerce channels to procure more exotic goods not available elsewhere; precisely, Shop Vouchers are used to buy various items in the Shop Vouchers Store, notably Chip Catalyst.png Chip Catalyst and Operators (Ethan, Breeze, Pudding and Honeyberry).


Shop Voucher icon.png are awarded for completing daily missions (for a total of 35 Shop Voucher icon.png per week), while 30 Shop Voucher icon.png are awarded for completing weekly missions.

Regular drops

Operation Sanity Drop(s) Sanity per drop
10 Sanity icon.png ~5 Shop Voucher icon.png Sanity icon.png
15 Sanity icon.png ~9 Shop Voucher icon.png 1.67 Sanity icon.png
20 Sanity icon.png ~11 Shop Voucher icon.png 1.8 Sanity icon.png
25 Sanity icon.png ~15 Shop Voucher icon.png 1.6 Sanity icon.png
30 Sanity icon.png ~20 Shop Voucher icon.png 1.5 Sanity icon.png

As seen on the table above, the best operation to farm Shop Vouchers is AP-5.