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Siesta is a Terran city-state whose original location was close to Victoria. It is well-known for the scenery of its tropical beaches and is located near a volcano that holds a vast reserve of obsidian deposits.


Located on a volcanic peninsula in a giant inland sea, Siesta was founded by Herman Doykos, a businessman who dedicates the city-state to his late wife's memory.[1] Under his administration, the previous inhabitants of Siesta, namely the Taraks, were forcibly persuaded to assimilate into Herman's vision of the peninsula as a tourist city.[2] Every year, the city attracts many visitors all around Terra, whether to enjoy the tropical seashores or to watch the annual Obsidian Festival where many famous musical artists participate.[3]

At one time, Siesta also benefited from the obsidian ores from the volcano. The mining activity was motivated by the rumor that the mineral could cure Oripathy, even though it is already debunked by Rhodes Island and many scientists. Due to environmental concerns, Siesta outlawed obsidian mining around fifteen years ago.[3] However, under the oversight of Cronin, Siesta's Catastrophe Messenger, the already closed mines actually continues to operate illegally.[2] This caused a disruption to the habitat of the volcanic, obsidian-eating Originium Slugs. They were forced to burrow deeper towards the magma chamber in search for more food and the burrowing heightened the volcanic activities.[4]

By the end of the Obsidian Festival fiasco in July 1097, Herman had planned to relocate the citizens onto a newly built nomadic city and let the volcano magma reclaim the land.[1][5]

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Tourist Sites

  • Civic Square: A square in which a rock party and beer stalls are held during the festival. Siesta's City Hall is also located on this street[3]
  • Herman Hotel: A hotel on Second Avenue which is named after the mayor.[3]
  • Garrison Amusement Park: Having the largest stage in Siesta, this is where the biggest concerts of the Obsidian Festival are held. During the festival, the park is open 24/7.[3]


  • Siesta Volcano: Once a dormant volcano, it begins to be active after the illegal obsidian mining destabilizes the standard burrowing behavior of many Originium Slugs, including Pompeii.[4]