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Skullshatterer is a boss enemy in Arknights. He is the antagonist of the second half of the Hour of an Awakening story arc (Episodes 02 and 03), where he also acts as the final boss.

Archive description

One of Reunion's squad leaders who serves in the Assault Squad. Though armed with an Originium launcher and explosives, reports show that he possesses high mobility and poses a significant threat even in melee combat.He[sic] has been seen several times around Lungmen, and intel suggests that he is carrying out some special operation in the region.

Launches grenades when not being blocked, reducing the DEF of the primary target and surrounding allied Operators significantly; Increases ATK significantly when HP is under 50%.


Try to defeat him as soon as possible, no matter what it takes. This extremely dangerous enemy attacks with devastating ranged and melee attacks.

Skullshatterer is a difficult foe to deal with due to his sheer HP and ATK, and having both ranged and melee attacks:

  • While not being blocked, Skullshatterer uses a ranged attack where he fires his grenade launcher from a moderate range, which deals 0.26× of his ATK to the target and friendly units in the surrounding tiles, and halves their DEF for 5 seconds. The DEF debuff can be problematic as it makes the victims more vulnerable to the attacks of Skullshatterer and other enemies.
  • While being blocked, Skullshatterer uses a melee attack with a pair of blades on his arms.
  • Once his HP falls below 50%, Skullshatterer will become enraged (indicated by a red aura surrounding him) and have his ATK increased by 50%. This makes him more dangerous especially when forced into melee combat, as it allows Skullshatterer to knock out all but the sturdiest of Defenders with at least two slashes.


Main Theme
Paradox Simulation



HP.png HP ATK.png ATK DEF.png DEF RES.png RES
Level 0 10500 1000 150 30
Level 1 30000 1300 240 30
Level 2 80000 1950 400 30


Attack range 2.6 tiles
ASPD.png Attack interval 3 sec.
Speed 0.6 tiles/sec.
Weight 5
Life Points.png Life Point reduction 2


Silence Stun Sleep Freeze Lift
Immune Vulnerable Vulnerable Vulnerable Vulnerable