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This article is about the Operator class. For the enemy, see Sniper (enemy).

Sniper is one of the eight Operator classes in Arknights.


Snipers use ranged weaponry (usually crossbows/bows or firearms) to attack enemies from a long range, allowing them to dispatch enemies from a safe distance. Their DP cost is quite low, only slightly higher than Vanguards, allowing Snipers to be deployed early in the game.

Snipers have less-than-stellar HP and DEF, so it is best to keep them away from ranged enemies who can easily harm them. They are also ineffective against enemies with high DEF as their attacks will not be effective. In contrast, Snipers excel against enemies with high RES but low DEF, such as enemy Casters.


The Sniper class is divided into seven branches: Marksman, Artilleryman, Heavyshooter, Deadeye, Besieger, Flinger, and Spreadshooter.


Marksman Sniper.png

Marksman Snipers (Chinese: 速射手; Pinyin: Sù shèshǒu; lit. "Fast-firing/Rapid-fire [Sniper]"), formerly known as ST (Single-Target) or AA (Anti-Air) Snipers, attack one enemy at a time with low attack interval.

Marksman Snipers prioritize attacking aerial enemies such as Monsters over ground enemies, which makes them essential in operations featuring aerial enemies.


Artilleryman Sniper.png

Artilleryman Snipers (Chinese: 炮手; Pinyin: Pàoshǒu; lit. "Gunnery [Sniper]"), formerly known as AoE (Area-of-Effect) Snipers, deal splash damage affecting enemies in the adjacent tiles to the primary target,[note 1] sporting high ATK, attack interval, and DP cost – the latter of which is among the highest of all Snipers. They also have an extended range when compared to other Snipers.

Artilleryman Snipers can be used effectively to counter hordes of enemies, especially in Annihilation, where they are a common sight.


Heavyshooter Sniper.png

Heavyshooter Snipers (Chinese: 重射手; Pinyin: Zhòng shèshǒu; lit. "Heavy-hitting [Sniper]"), also known as Short-Range Snipers, have high ATK with their skills and talent(s) boosting their DPS further, but have a short attack range and moderate-high attack interval.

Heavyshooter Snipers may be contrary to what a Sniper should be, but when utilized correctly, they can cause massive damage to even the toughest of enemies.


Deadeye Sniper.png

Deadeye Snipers (Chinese: 神射手; Pinyin: Shén shèshǒu; lit. "Sharpshooter [Sniper]"), formerly known as Long-Range Snipers, have one of the highest ATK of all Snipers and a long attack range, and prioritize attacking enemies with the lowest DEF over the others; this is offset by their high attack interval and DP cost.

Being the only ones who can be considered a literal "sniper" (despite only one using an actual sniper rifle), Deadeye Snipers excel at dispatching enemies with low HP and DEF which coincidentally comprises of ranged attackers (so they can fill a "counter-sniper" role).


Besieger Sniper.png

Besieger Snipers (Chinese: 攻城手; Pinyin: Gōng chéng shǒu), formerly known as Heavyweight or simply Heavy Snipers, are similar to Deadeye Snipers, but prioritizes attacking enemies with the highest weight over the others. Unlike most other Operators, they have a minimum range; the line one tile ahead cannot be targeted. This means they must be placed further behind, or have someone to ensure the enemies don't enter this deadzone.


Flinger Sniper.png

Flinger Snipers (Chinese: 投掷手; Pinyin: Tóuzhí shǒu; lit. "Thrower/Hurler/Slinger [Sniper]"), formerly known as Shockwave or Aftershock Snipers, have the area-of-effect attack of Artilleryman Snipers and the range of Deadeye Snipers. They also deal two simultaneous hits, with the second being a "shockwave"/"aftershock" that deals half damage, but can only attack ground enemies. Flinger Snipers also have higher HP and DEF than other Snipers in exchange for a higher DP cost.


Spreadshooter Sniper.png

Spreadshooter Snipers (Chinese: 散射手; Pinyin: Sǎn shèshǒu; lit. "Scatterer/Spreader [Sniper]"), formerly known as Close-Range or Boomstick Snipers, have a range similar to Heavyshooter Snipers, though they can't attack enemies directly to their side. They also have a lower ATK, but their attacks hit all enemies in range with those on the row in front of them taking more damage. Spreadshooter Snipers also have higher HP and DEF than other Snipers in exchange for having the highest DP cost of all Snipers.


  1. A radius of 1.1 tiles centered on the primary target.