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A list of Operator leitmotifs in Arknights.

Song Contributing artist(s) Operator Notes
Zone 10-8 Steven Grove The only leitmotif for a non-6★ Operator
Boiling Blood Jason Walsh feat. Cristina Vee
Solitary Journey Obadiah Brown-Beach A modified version is used as the BGM of Stories of Afternoon menu
Hometown Wind Obadiah Brown-Beach
Lily of the Valley David Westbom
Curtain Call Obadiah Brown-Beach
Renegade Jason Walsh feat. Substantial and X.ARI
Sparkling Hydraulics Obadiah Brown-Beach
El Brillo Solitario Steven Grove
Evolutionary Mechanization Steven Grove
Reconnection Robert Wolf
Stay Gold Adam Gubman
CONFRONT David Westbom
LITHOS Steven Grove
Tipsy Adam Gubman
Till the Bell Tolls Sterling Maffe
Neon-lit Bustle Adam Gubman
Self-observation Matthew Carl Earl
Winter Absolution Adam Gubman The lyrics are paraphrased from Pange lingua gloriosi by St. Thomas Aquinas, thus are entirely in Medieval Latin
Gearing Up Steven Grove
Immutable Robert Wolf feat. Melissa R. Kaplan
Real Me Obadiah Brown-Beach
Keep the torch Obadiah Brown-Beach feat. Melissa R. Kaplan Uses a Greek-like made-up language
Across the wind Erik Castro feat. Gracie Van Brunt
Y1K Adam Gubman
Towards Her Light Adam Gubman feat. Hannah Crowley
Radiant Erik Castro feat. Mary Clare Clemons
Heal the World Kevin Penkin feat. Sarah Álainn
Silver Lining Adam Gubman feat. Abdiel Gonzalez
Revel in the Real Adam Gubman
却阑珊 Adam Gubman
Spark for Dream Obadiah Brown-Beach feat. Cristina Vee and Sarah Blandy
Прощание Adam Gubman and George Sanger feat. James Robert Hayden Entirely in Russian
Eternal Flame Obadiah Brown-Beach feat. Forts
March On! Steven Grove feat. Laura Intravia
Awaken Adam Gubman feat. Holly Sedillos
Rapier Robert Wolf
Bluish Light Matthew Carl Earl feat. Xueran Chen
Ständchen Robert Wolf and David Lin feat. Airton Santos Araujo
Magic Theorem Adam Gubman feat. Sarah Kang