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Specialist is one of the eight Operator classes in Arknights.


True to the name, Specialists are Operators with specialized functionalities that allow them to influence the battle in various ways, ranging from single-handedly dispatching priority targets, acting as a diversion, or using the terrain to their advantage.

Generally, Specialists are not meant to be used as a core operator, but rather as a situational or tactical one as they can only perform at full effectiveness under certain circumstances.


The Specialist class is divided into eight branches: Push Stroker, Hookmaster, Executor, Merchant, Dollkeeper, Ambusher, Trapmaster, and Geek.

Push Stroker

Push Stroker Specialist.png

Push Stroker Specialists (Chinese: 推击手; Pinyin: Tuī jí shǒu), as their name suggests, pushes the enemy away from them with their skills, which can be used to perform "environmental kills" by forcing enemies into hazards such as holes. Push Stroker Specialists can be deployed on both melee and ranged tiles and attack multiple enemies equal to their block count like that of Thresher Guards.


Hookmaster Specialist.png

Hookmaster Specialists (Chinese: 钩索师; Pinyin: Gōu suǒ shī), as their name suggests, pulls the enemy towards them with their skills, which can be used to to perform "environmental kills" by forcing enemies into hazards such as holes. Hookmaster Specialists can be deployed on both melee and ranged tiles, have an attack range of 2 tiles ahead of them which is increased to 3 tiles from Elite 1, and can attack both ground and aerial enemies.


Executor Specialist.png
Not to be confused with the Operator.

Executor Specialists (Chinese: 处决者; Pinyin: Chǔjué zhě), formerly known as Fast-Redeploy Specialists, have a significantly reduced redeployment cooldown of only 18 seconds (except THRM-EX) and cost very little to deploy, making them well-suited to distract or intercept enemies, or executing (pun intended) high-priority targets.


Merchant Specialist.png

Merchant Specialists (Chinese: 行商; Pinyin: Xíngshāng) have a shorter redeployment cooldown of 25 seconds but gradually drains DP when they are deployed, and do not refund DP when manually retreated. In the event the player's DP is insufficient, the Merchant Specialist will be automatically retreated.


Dollkeeper Specialist.png

Dollkeeper Specialists (Chinese: 傀儡师; Pinyin: Kuǐlěi shī; lit. "Puppeteer [Specialist]") will, upon receiving lethal damage, have their place taken by a "substitute" which cannot block enemies. After a period of time, the Dollkeeper Specialist will return to the field in the substitute's place. Should the substitute be KO'd, the Dollkeeper Specialist must be redeployed.


Ambusher Specialist.png

Ambusher Specialists (Chinese: 伏击客; Pinyin: Fújí kè), known in the CN server as Stalker Specialists and formerly known as Controller Specialists, hit all enemies within their attack range of the surrounding tiles with a 1-tile extension ahead on each attack, can dodge both Physical and Arts attacks, and are less likely to be targeted by enemies, which allows them to fill the crowd-control role (despite of not specializing in such). While they have high ATK, Ambusher Specialists have a high attack interval and cannot block enemies on their own.


Trapmaster Specialist.png

Trapmaster Specialists (Chinese: 陷阱师; Pinyin: Xiànjǐng shī) can use traps that are similar to summoned units but are not counted towards the Unit Limit. The traps cannot be deployed directly on enemies and must be placed on an empty tile. Their skills have a both passive effect to determine how the traps would function and an active effect which gives them an additional trap to use. Trapmaster Specialists are considered a ranged unit with similar stats and range to Marksman Snipers.


Geek Specialist.png

Geek Specialists (Chinese: 怪杰; Pinyin: Guài jié) lose HP over time and are the only operators who can inflict "friendly fire" by actually attacking other operators to apply their skills' effects. Geek Specialists are considered a ranged unit with a similar stats and range to Trapmaster Specialists (minus the traps).