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Stories of Infected: Blacksteel is a 5-chapter comic (manhua) series published by Hypergryph as part of Arknights' Terra Historicus website. It is a short story about the Operators from Blacksteel and their interaction among each other.

Currently, only the original Chinese version is provided. Whether will there be an English/Japanese version remains unknown.


The story focuses on the daily life of Blacksteel members, Vanilla, Jessica, Liskarm and Franka, who joined Rhodes Island for the first time. It also elaborates the relationship between Franka and Liskarm since the former's Infection after the Ironforge Originium leakage incident in Columbia. From her words, the exchanging programme between R.I. and Blacksteel was a mean to cover Franka's treatment so that she would not face demotion. Liskarm intended to request R.I. to stop her field operations so that she may focus on the treatment, but a duel between them eventually settled the matter.


# Title Synopsis
1 Vanilla Vanilla was accidentally locked inside her bedroom, so she climbed into the landship's pipeline to get out. When she arrived at a lab, she accidentally fell onto Lancet-2 and also knocked onto the cabinet containing Originium samples. After cleaning up the mess, Vanilla noticed something strange from a document paper about R.I.-Blacksteel collaboration.
2 Jessica Jessica was having a gun-shooting traning under Liskarm's supervision. Seeing her growing temper recently, she got advise from Vanilla and decided to make a special gift for her. However, things did not go well as her nervousness caused her pistol to go out of control, which caused Liskarm to scold her badly. Later on, Liskarm cooled herself down and apologized to Jessica for her anger.
2.5 Interlude - Interrogation Franka and Liskarm were having a conversation in which the latter noticed the former's hidden secret. But when Vanilla interrupted their talk, Liskarm immediately stunned her with her taser.
3 Franka The chapter focuses on how Franka contracted Oripathy during the Ironforge incident and how she learnt about Rhodes Island. Although she managed to conceal the identity with the help from Professor Janet Longfellow, the increasing tension between the Infected-non-Infected workers in Blacksteel forced her to make hard decisions. After persuading Professor Longfellow, Franka was allowed to go to R.I. alongside her teammates in the guise of an official collaboration.
4 Liskarm The chapter begins with a flashback about how Liskarm and Franka met together for the first time and their time during Blacksteel. It also reveals something about Liskarm's past. Back in present days, Liskarm decided to persuade R.I. to stop Franka taking part in any field operation, but Franka refused and intended to stop her. With that said, they used a duel to decide the aftermath. Although Franka won the match, it came with a price of a severely damaged traning room.
5 Conclusion A short comic about Dobermann reporting about the incident in the traning room to Kal'tsit.
Spinoff 1 Equal A short comic the aftermath of the duel between Liskarm and Franka.
Spinoff 2 Let's Wear It! A short comic about Franka refusing to wear the Oripathy detector due to her fatness.