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The Strategic Battle Record is one of the four Battle Records in Arknights.


A device that stores battle videos. Gives Operators a huge amount of EXP.

In such a hostile environment, every operation has the potential for a loss of life. We may be able to save more people if we are well prepared. Comes with a collector's edition, a HD version, an HD remastered version, an Enhanced edition, a Director's cut edition, an Annual Gold edition...


A tape containing advanced combat training videos but with a lot of versions and editions (which includes an HD version with a remastered one, and an updated edition which also includes a director's cut and an annual Gold edition, among others) that makes it more like a movie, each Strategic Battle Record gives 2000 EXP to an Operator when used, making it the most efficient of all Battle Records.


Regular drops

Operation Sanity Drop(s) Sanity per drop
25 Sanity icon.png
Strategic Battle Record.png
25 Sanity icon.png
30 Sanity icon.png
Strategic Battle Record.png
10 Sanity icon.png

As seen on the table above, the best operation to farm Strategic Battle Records is LS-5.

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