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Supporter is one of the eight Operator classes in Arknights.


Supporters provide various means of field support, ranging from buffing other operators, debuffing their enemies, or utilizing summons in combat. Most Supporters' attacks deal Arts damage, allowing them to act as makeshift Casters.

Supporters are more micromanagement-intensive than others, as most of them rely on the usage of their abilities to be effective. They are also frail, having a relatively low HP and DEF, though most Supporters have innate RES, so they should be played in combination with Medics.


The Supporter class is divided into six branches: Decel Binder, Bard, Abjurer, Hexer, Summoner, and Artificer.

Decel Binder

Decel Binder Supporter.png

Decel Binder Supporters (Chinese: 凝滞师; Pinyin: Níngzhì shī; lit. "Stagnating [Supporter]"), formerly known as Slow Supporters, inflict slow in each of their attacks and, for some, with their skills.


Bard Supporter.png

Bard Supporters (Chinese: 吟游者; Pinyin: Yín yóu zhě), formerly known as Aura Supporters, have no means to attack enemies but continuously heal friendlies within their range by a portion of their ATK. Bard Supporters can Inspire the stats of friendly units, making them a versatile support unit when used correctly, but do note that they are unaffected by Inspiration, which includes those from the Bard themselves.


Abjurer Supporter.png

Abjurer Supporters (Chinese: 护佑者; Pinyin: Hùyòu zhě; lit. "Bless Supporter"), formerly known as Buffer Supporters, augments friendly units by making them more resistant to damage and/or more likely to survive enemy attacks.

From the Break the Ice update on the CN server, Abjurer Supporters heal friendlies instead of attacking enemies like that of Medical Medics when their skill is active, but only for 75% of their ATK.


Hexer Supporter.png

Hexer Supporters (Chinese: 削弱者; Pinyin: Xuēruò zhě; lit. "Weakening [Supporter]"), formerly known as Debuffer Supporters, cripples enemy units by making them more vulnerable to friendly attacks and/or weakens their attack.


Summoner Supporter.png

Summoner Supporters (Chinese: 召唤师; Pinyin: Zhàohuàn shī) are able to deploy summons to act as a force multiplier that are subject to the following rules:

  1. A summoner has a limited amount of summons that can be deployed, which can only be replenished if the summoner is redeployed or the summons are recovered through certain skills. Even if the summons are retreated, they will not replenish the summon's deployment limit.
  2. If the summoner is KO'd or retreated, all of their deployed summons will be destroyed.
  3. The summons are counted towards the Unit Limit.


Artificer Supporter.png

Artificer Supporters (Chinese: 工匠; Pinyin: Gōngjiàng; lit. "Artisan/Craftsman [Supporter]"), unlike other Supporters, are classified as melee Operators and by extension have their attacks deal physical damage. Artificer Supporters can use Support Units (in a similar way to Summoner Supporters' summons) to augment their allies in various ways.