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Arknights: Endfield takes place in a world known as Talos-II, but whether it is a planet similar to Terra or a distinct world remains unknown.


Just like Terra where Arknights take place, Talos-II is stricken by Catastrophes and strife, but to a much greater extent than Terra, and is largely unexplored. Humans are slowly attempting to make Talos-II more habitable, which makes logistics and infrastructure of utmost importance, and companies that provide such services, such as Endfield Industries, of central relevance. The planet is also affected by a unique type of Catastrophe known as "the Corruption", which distorts the environment, and causes anomalous physical aberrations.

It is still unclear what Talos-II really is: whether it is a new planet or one of Terra's Twin Moons since the naming style resembles that of a planetary satellite.