Arknights Wiki
Appointed as assistant My next mission is to protect you, Doctor.
Talk #1 I don't say much? That's because I'd rather avoid thinking about most things.
Talk #2 Our job is to handle life and death.
Talk #3 I usually listen to Sora’s songs when I'm driving.
Talk after Elite 1 promotion Cigarette? Oh, no, this is chocolate. You've gotta replenish your energy regularly. Which reminds me... do you want some coffee?
Talk after Elite 2 promotion How long have I worked for Penguin Logistics? When did I start... I've forgotten how long it's been...
Talk after trust increase #1 Be aware of the Red Wolf. She's not evil, but... she's not like us.
Talk after trust increase #2 No matter how hard I run, my past will catch me one day.
Talk after trust increase #3 My independent lifestyle and rowdy friends have brought me a lot of trouble... but I kind of like it this way.
Idle Is it time for a break?
Introduction Code name Texas. My duties consist of vehicle driving, cargo transportation and personnel safety. Keep mission briefings as simple as possible, please.
Given Battle Records Thanks.
Promoted to Elite 1 This will work as payment.
Promoted to Elite 2 Thanks for trusting me, Doctor.
Added to a squad What do you need?
Appointed as the squad leader I'm not good at ordering others.
Operation start Let's go.
An enemy is about to spawn Exusiai, cover me.
Selected #1 Awaiting orders.
Selected #2 Got it.
Deployed #1 Draw your swords!
Deployed #2 Let's begin.
Using skill #1 Hah!
Using skill #2 No one can constrain me.
Using skill #3 Cut them to pieces!
Using skill #4 Shut up.
Operation cleared with 4 stars Whew... No problem.
Operation cleared with 3 stars Weaklings.
Operation cleared with 2 stars A few of them passed through.
Operation failure I may have underestimated this operation's difficulty...
Assigned to a RIIC facility Do you have the materials I need? It'd save me a lot of trouble.
Tap Um...!
Trust tap What is it, Doctor?
Greetings Morning.
Title Arknights.