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Texas is a Penguin Logistics staff member who is extraordinary skilled in single combat. She was assigned as liaison to Rhodes Island, where she assisted with many different operations.


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Imaging test for this Operator showed clear outline of internal organs without any unusual dark spot. No unusual traces of Originium particles present in her system, no signs of infection, confirming her as non-infected.

[Cell-Originium Assimilation] 0%
Operator Texas showed no symptoms of Oripathy.

[Blood Originium-Crystal Density] 0.12u/L
Operator Texas sometimes delivers packages with Originium content, but it has not caused infection to date.


Archive 1

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A taciturn messenger.
According to her own account, she's not hiding anything, but just has nothing to say.

Though she gives off the impression of preferring to be alone, she is often seen with her fellow Penguin Logistics members.

Archive 2

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While Texas may be quiet, her fighting style is anything but. It's best described as tempestuous.
At Rhodes Island, Operators without formal training are actually the majority, but when it comes to the use of weapons, most will follow established protocols. Texas, however, doesn't.

While she is a bit more reserved now, one can still see vestiges of an idea that she herself might not be aware of - her belief that the singular purpose of all weaponry is to kill.

Archive 3

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Her Lupo origin, her conspicuous fur color, her notable combat style, and of course, her name, all point to her ties with the faded Texas family, a once-famous clan whose name is now forgotten to most.
If that's the case, Texas's past is probably astonishing beyond imagination, as indicated by the Texas name itself.

On one hand, even with Rhodes Island's intel network, very little is known about the family's fate. On the other hand, Texas never felt the need to elaborate her past, so there isn't a pressing need to delve into it. After all, her past may one day catch up to her, just as she predicts.

Archive 4

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Although Texas never discusses her past, that's not the same as actively avoiding the topic. It's more like apathy.
From the way she has adapted to her current life, it's obvious she isn't running from anything. Routine work, bickering colleagues, Lungmen, and Rhodes Island are now everything to her.
We could sum it up like this:

When the past does catch up to her, she will face it with composure——unless it disrupts her present, then we'll witness the genuine rage inside her.

Promotion Record

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Texas is a handful. Even when she lets you get close, she won't spare more than a few words. It took me a long time to figure out whether we were cool or not.
Sigh. Anyone trying to be her friend is in for a reckoning.