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Although Texas seems to be a quiet and laid-back member of Penguin Logistics, she is actually a former head of the famous Siracusan mafia, the Texas famiglia (where she got her codename). However, for unknown reasons, she left the famiglia, and decided to wash her hands of her past. The Texas we now know is more of a kind courier working together with her fellow P.L. employee, especially Exusiai, who loves eating Pocky sticks during free time (in replacement of her older smoking habit). She also has a past with Lappland, another former mafioso who, for unknown reasons, has an obsession with Texas, but the relationship could sometimes turn into a rather awkward and funny one. As a Rhodes Island Operator, Texas is not only competent in deliveries but also a skillful combatant. Despite the peace surrounding her, she is getting ready to finish off her past as a mafioso once and for all.

Texas is one of the main characters of Code of Brawl.


Texas is a 5★ Pioneer Vanguard who specializes in DP-Recovery and Crowd-Control. As a Pioneer Vanguard, Texas has high HP and DEF and can block two enemies. Surprisingly, Texas' ATK is on the higher end among Pioneer Vanguards, but this comes with a cost of lower HP and DEF.

Texas's skills represent both her specializations to generate DP for the team and dispatch groups of enemies:

  • The first skill, Charge γ, is an advanced DP generation skill that automatically generates 12 DP whenever it is fully charged. Charge γ is best used in Annihilation where the automatic DP generation is disabled and operations that likely to run for a long time.
  • The second skill, Sword Rain, makes Texas call forth a rain of energy blades upon enemies in a radius of 2 tiles around her, doing two instances of Arts damage and stunning the victims for a short time as well as generating DP. Sword Rain allows Texas to both damage and disrupt enemy formations, buying enough time for DPS dealers to take them down which will help the player in the long run due to the increased DP generation. The stun is especially useful in stopping speedy enemies like Breakers and unblockable Wraiths dead in their tracks. Do note that Sword Rain has a somewhat high SP cost, despite the relatively high initial SP, so its usage should be timed correctly for maximum effectiveness. Still, due to its uses, Sword Rain is recommended as Texas's go-to skill.

Texas's talent, Tactical Delivery, increases the initial DP count by 1 (2 at Elite 2) when she is in the squad. This can make all the difference especially with Operators whose potential is close to or at maximum, as they usually have a lower DP cost, or just to allow the player to deploy high-cost Operators earlier.

Interestingly, Texas' base skills reflect her relationship with Exusiai and Lappland:

  • The first base skill, Feud, increases Trading Post order acquisition rate when she is assigned together with Lappland to one by 65%, but increases her morale drain rate by 0.3 per hour.
  • The second base skill, Tacit Understanding, reduces her morale drain rate when she is assigned to the same Trading Post as Exusiai by 0.3 per hour, which is enough to counteract the morale drain rate increase of Feud.

As such, once Texas, Lappland, and Exusiai are promoted to Elite 2, they can provide the best Trading Post buff in the game when the three are stationed together.

Overall, Texas is more of a "glass cannon" Vanguard who is capable of dishing out high damage while not being able to take as much. But her Sword Rain makes this competent courier and combatant a valuable Crowd-Control Operator who can facilitate the rapid deployment of her teammates. As of Fan Appreciation Event, Texas is also awarded for completing the eighth phase of pinboard missions, making her very accessible for most players.

  • Higher ATK than other Pioneer Vanguards
  • Sword Rain is useful for dispatching large groups of enemies and stalling fast-moving or heavy, hard-hitting enemies, and gives additional DP
  • Tactical Delivery increases starting DP, allowing Operators to be quickly deployed in the early game
Somewhat lower HP and DEF than other Pioneer Vanguards


Tactical Delivery gives +1 initial DP; Sword Rain deals area damage and stuns, and gives additional DP; Feud is the best Trading Post buff in the game, but greatly increases morale drain rate and requires Lappland to function

Due to being a 5★ Vanguard Operator that can be obtained with relative ease (especially through Recruitment, if the player is lucky enough to get the rare Crowd-Control tag), Texas is used more often than Siege, but do note that both of them can be used effectively together.

Other alternatives to Texas include Scavenger and Courier, with their skills being more useful in the early-to-mid game.

Elite 2
Tactical Delivery improved to give +2 initial DP; Tacit Understanding negates Feud's morale drain rate, but requires Exusiai to function

Promoting Texas to Elite 2 is not mandatory, but is recommended if the player doesn't have Siege yet.