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From the outside, Texas appears to be a laid-back and quiet Lupo courier of Penguin Logistics, often working together with her fellow P.L. employees especially Exusiai. Little does everyone know, however, that the Columbian-born Texas used to be a famous high-ranking member of a Siracusan Mafia famiglia whose name she adopts as her codename and a heavy smoker. For reasons unknown, Texas left her famiglia and tries to disassociate herself with the past, adopting her current personality and quits smoking in favor of eating Pocky sticks. Lappland holds a rather unhealthy obsession to Texas, implied to come from a bad blood between them in the past. In any case, Texas proves herself to be an adept combatant and competent courier.

Texas is a supporting character in Episodes 02 to 04, and one of the protagonists of Code of Brawl.

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