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  • Texas has the traits of the now-extinct Texas wolf, notably darker hair when compared to other Lupo characters with a noticeable shade of red in her Elite 2 artwork.
    • This also draws an odd dichotomy with Lappland, who has the traits of the now-extinct Newfoundland wolf and is named after a region in Sweden/Finland.
    • The crystal lupine figure shown in Texas' Elite 2 artwork might be modeled after her namesake.
  • Texas is always seen with a Pocky chocolate stick in her mouth that she temporarily pulls away when attacking. Apparently, this was originally meant to be a cigarette, and at first glance, the Pocky stick looks like one.
    • According to her illustrator, Texas was originally intended to smoke cigarettes instead of eating Pocky sticks; her sprite's movements clearly animate her as if she is smoking. However, due to public smoking being banned in China around the same time as Arknights was released, the cigarette was replaced by a Pocky stick to comply with the resulting censorship laws.
    • Texas' Willpower outfit replaces the Pocky stick with an actual cigarette.
      • The chocolate in a Pocky stick is a poisonous substance for canines (including wolves) due to their inability to metabolize theobromine content, which humanoids can do. This somewhat mirrors how cigarettes are poisonous to humans and animals alike in the long term.
      • The change from smoking cigarettes in her Willpower outfit to eating Pocky in default outfit might also suggest her change in personality from being a mafioso to an ordinary person.
  • Even though Texas is seen holding a pair of swords in her Elite 2 artwork, she uses a single sword in her in-game sprite.
  • Due to their past as mafiosi, Lappland and Texas are often shipped together in the Arknights community.
    • However, the shipping could become more complicated as she is also often shipped with Exusiai too (referring to their relationship as colleagues).
  • According to Arknights' first CN anniversary livestream, Texas is the most common 5★ Operator to be promoted to Elite 2.