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A facility that deals with Rhodes Island's commercial contracts and agreements with all other parties. It acquires the funds needed to fuel the research and operation of Rhodes Island.

The Trading Post is one of the nine RIIC facilities in Arknights. It can be built on rooms B101 to B103, B201 to B203, and B301 to B303, but only a maximum of five Trading Posts can be built at a time.


One of the most important RIIC facilities, Trading Posts are the main source of LMD.png LMD and, to a lesser degree, Orundum.png Orundum, by trading Pure Gold.png Pure Gold and Originium Shard.png Originium Shard, respectively, produced by Factories for these essential resources.

Trading Posts will only function when at least one Operator is assigned there, at which they will start acquiring trade orders. Once a trade order is acquired, the player can deliver the required materials to receive the specified resources. The Trading Post will cease acquiring new orders when its order limit is reached until the existing orders are completed, freeing up the order limit.

Initially the Trading Post's business strategy is set to acquire LMD trade orders from Lungmen, which come in three types:

  • Low-yield orders, which exchanges 2 Pure Gold for 1000 LMD icon.png.
  • Medium-yield orders, which exchanges 3 Pure Gold for 1500 LMD icon.png and are available once the Trading Post is upgraded to Level 2.
  • High-yield orders, which exchanges 4 Pure Gold for 2000 LMD icon.png and are available once the Trading Post is upgraded to Level 3.

The order types are chosen at random with the following odds based on the Trading Post's level:

Order Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Low-yield 100% 70% 30%
Medium-yield 30% 50%
High-yield 20%

Once the Trading Post is upgraded to Level 3, it can switch its business strategy to acquire Orundum trade orders from Rim Billiton, which exchanges 2 Originium Shards for 20 Orundum icon.png.

Once the Control Center is upgraded to Level 3, Drone.png Drone can be used to speed up Trading Posts' order acquisition, but they will not benefit from base skills related to the Trading Post.


Level Material Prerequisite Order limit Power
Light Building Material.png
1× Level 1 Factory 6 -10
Concrete Building Material.png
Level 3 Control Center 8 -30
Reinforced Building Material.png
Level 4 Control Center 10 -60


  • Switching between LMD to Orundum trade orders will apply the change to the next orders instead of the current/ongoing one.
  • Unless if the player have plenty of LMD and materials to burn, it is generally not recommended to pursue Orundum trade orders due to the LMD cost and materials needed forcing the player to spend their Sanity.png Sanity to farm them, which might hinder Operator development.