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Trust is a value denoting the "trust" an Operator has towards a player, which determines the addition of different attributes for the operator in question.

Trust can be viewed in the Character Details menu as a percentage-based meter below the Operator's attributes, which displays the Trust value between 0% to 200%.

Each Operator will receive bonus to their attributes at higher Trust, which can be seen by clicking the Trust meter. The maximum Trust bonus are achieved at 100%; any lower than that is based on the Trust percentage (e.g. Amiya, who would gain +200 HP/+70 ATK at 100% Trust, will gain +40 HP/+14 ATK at 20% and +100 HP/+35 ATK at 50%). Raising the Trust meter past 100% will apply the bonus when the Operator is used as a Support Unit, which starts at 101% and caps out at 200%; the Trust bonus, however, will be halved if the Support Unit is not promoted yet.

Increasing the average Trust of Operators from a specific faction to 100% will unlock that respective faction's furniture, which can be checked in the Trust Overview section of the Info menu. If the player only have one Operator who is part of a faction, then raising that sole Operator's Trust to 200% is sufficient to unlock their respective faction's furniture. The furniture themselves can be found at Furniture/Stand-alone/Trust.

Certain events will grant increased Trust gain to certain Operators for the duration of that event. This Trust bonus applies to all operations except Annihilation, and does not affect Trust increases from RIIC.

Increasing Operators' Trust are done by the following means:

  • All Operators in a squad, even if they are not actually deployed, will gain Trust equal to the amount of Sanity spent for an operation when it is cleared with 3 stars (or 4 stars if it was a Challenge Mode); if the operation is cleared with 2 stars or less, the amount of Trust is reduced by 1, or halved (and rounded down) if it was an Inferno Mode operation (e.g. H5-1). This also means if the operation does not cost Sanity, no participating Operators will gain Trust. For Annihilation operations, the Trust gained scales to the amount of kills:
    • Chernobog
      • 100 kills: 6
      • 200 kills: 11
      • 250 kills: 14
      • 300 kills: 16
      • 325 kills: 17
      • 350 kills: 18
      • 375 kills: 19
      • 400 kills: 20
    • Lungmen Outskirts, Lungmen Downtown, and every subsequent Annihilation operations
      • 100 kills: 8
      • 200 kills: 15
      • 250 kills: 18
      • 300 kills: 20
      • 325 kills: 22
      • 350 kills: 23
      • 375 kills: 24
      • 400 kills: 25
  • All Operators who are assigned at RIIC facilities will gain Trust every 24 hours (specifically at 4:00 AM UTC-7) by tapping the said Operator when they have an orange bubble above them, or simply do so on every eligible Operator by using the "collect all" function. The RIIC Assistant and Floor Assistants gain trust every 12 hours (at 4:00 AM and 4:00 PM UTC-7) instead of once that other Operators do, having a blue bubble as well as the orange one if they are assigned to facilities.
    • The maximum Trust that can be earned by working Operators are 100 and is based on the total Ambience of all Dormitories.
    • The maximum Trust that can be earned by the RIIC Assistant are 500 and is based on the total Ambience of all Dormitories.
    • The maximum Trust that can be earned by Floor Assistants are 125 and is based on their respective Dormitory's Ambience.
Trust growth

An Operator's Trust percentage does not scale linearly with their Trust point accumulation.

Trust % Trust pts.
25% 804
50% 2732
75% 6195
100% 10070
125% 13945
150% 17820
175% 21695
200% 25570