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This article lists future additions to the game's interface that have been released on the CN server, or have been announced but not released.

See also Historic UI changes for features that have been added to Global and are now part of the game, and the previous UI.

Assistant selection UI update

As of an unknown update, sorting options for selecting a new Assistant operator (the Operator that appears on the home screen) have received a slight visual update. It includes the button for changing the background (feature detailed above). [Please tell the wiki if you know which update this concerns]


The updated assistant change main interface. The top right button with a zebra pattern opens the UI for the main menu background change, the feature listed above.


The new interface for selecting which artwork the assistant should use. Previously, tapping the Outfit selection would instead open the Outfit menu in their profile. The new version still shows the background and the Operator's artwork as it is positioned on-screen.


The current interface for selecting the assistant. The interface takes up the entire screen and hides the current assistant. There is also a text overflow problem with "Acquisition Date" being too large for its UI element and text being lost.


The new interface for selecting the assistant. The sorting options have larger touch targets preventing the text overflow problem, and was introduced a class filter. Preferred operators appear on top of the list and the current assistant is still visible on-screen.

Dormitory decoration UI update

As of Invitation to Wine, the Dormitory decoration feature has received a significant UI update, changing the menu for finding and selecting furniture to be easier to use, as well as adding the following features:

  • Furniture can now be rotated, making orientation versions of furniture redundant.
  • View angle can be changed to aid in placing furniture.
  • Furniture themes can now be saved and loaded, allowing easy duplication of a custom furniture theme if the player possesses twice the furniture, or simply to keep a previous furniture theme in memory for a temporary change.

Updated view with iconized furniture types and top-down view.

Improved character voice language change interface

As of Invitation to Wine, the game now includes a specific UI for changing character voice languages.

Operators may be selected by language or faction. Each operator possesses a menu allowing to pick a voice and listen to it, if applicable. There is also a button allowing for a mass language change.


Returner reward system

As of Invitation to Wine, the game now includes a permanently available returner reward system to help players who had dropped the game for some time get back up to speed. The conditions for unlocking returner status are the following:

  • The player must be at least Doctor level 8.
  • The player must have completed stage 1-10.
  • The player must have completed the newcomer login event that rewards players for logging in 7 days in a row after creating an account.
  • The player must have not logged into Arknights for a period of 60 days or more.

The returner system will thus offer a returning gift and unlock several daily and long-term missions which can be completed for currency to be spent towards more reward. The daily missions will be refreshed daily and progress will be lost if they are not turned in on the same day they are acquired. Returner status will trigger a seven day login event with various rewards. The returner system will also open all Supply operations for the next seven days, unless there is already an all stages open event ongoing, such as Contingency Contract, in which case the seven day period will begin immediately after the event ends. The player will also receive a tutorial on all new game additions since they have last logged in.

New stage results UI

As of Episode 10: Shatterpoint, the introduction of the Combat Environments feature led to the addition of a new stage results screen to accomodate the added complexity in stage results. The new interface is closer in style to that which is used by Interlocking Competition and Paradox Simulations.


10-2 being cleared with the new difficulty settings. Normal mode (Conventional Operations) also awards the rewards for the lower difficulty (Storyline Experience). These are separated in the results screen. This visual change brings the UI closer in line with the new auto-deploy UI, replacing the opaque black boxes with transparent gradient feathers.


The new stage result UI on a stage that was added to the game prior to the release of Episode 10. Notice the absence of the difficulty level icon behind "Operation."


The current stage result UI for the sake of comparison and archival.

Updated boss enemy health gauges

There are three iterations of enemy health gauges.

  • Currently in the global server, most boss enemies appear with completely standard health gauges. They are orange, and do not appear until the enemy has taken damage.
  • With the release of Under Tides, its boss, Sal Viento Bishop Quintus due to its larger size, a first for Arknights bosses, received a wider health gauge. However, it still functions as normal and appears as an otherwise standard health gauge.
  • With the release of Invitation to Wine, due to its boss, the Sui-hsiang being the largest boss in the game and having mechanics involving health, its health gauge was updated to be an active part of the game's heads-up-display, appearing wide and large. As a result, large bosses such as Quintus, and the Big Grieving Lock from Phantom and Crimson Solitaire were updated to use similar health gauges.
  • With the release of Episode 10: Shatterpoint, all bosses (except, presumably, the Sui-hsiang) including large bosses were reverted to standard on-enemy health gauges. However, boss health gauges now possess special traits.
    • They are bright red and not orange, and feature the boss enemy logo overlaid.
    • Large bosses' health gauges always appear regardless of whether the boss has taken damage or not.
    • If several enemies are stacked in one spot, the boss' health gauge will always appear on top of standard health gauges.

The health gauge for the Sui-hsiang, courtesy of YouTuber RMB.


The current health gauge for boss enemies. The health gauge appears in the standard orange color, and only appears because the boss has taken damage.


The new health gauge for boss enemies as of Episode 10: Shatterpoint. Quintus has not taken damage in this image yet, Mephisto has.

Using ten single-pull tickets at once

With the release of Episode 10: Shatterpoint, rolling ten times with no Ten-roll Headhunting Permit but at least 10 Headhunting Permits will consume these instead of Orundum.

Annihilation skip ticket system

With the release of Stultifera Navis, the game will be updated to add several Missions, including which, one awarding an Annihilation skip ticket (name subject to change) daily. The Annihilation skip ticket permits the automatic completion of an Annihilation run without auto-deploying.

Assistant at Trust cap warning

As of an unknown update, the base has received an update, notifying players when a base assistant is at Trust cap (200%).